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The Best On and Off-Ship Adventures

Taking a cruise doesn’t always mean living life on the ship. Adventure cruises offer as much excitement on shore as they do at sea, these three ships provide an exceptional experience from both aspects.

Amazon Delfin II – Lindblad Expeditions

Amazon Delfin II-Lindblad Expeditions
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Venture into the wild aboard this Amazon river vessel. The ship can only accommodate twenty-eight passengers at a time, which makes it feel incredibly exclusive. Onboard you will find exotic flowers, hammocks, gigantic picture windows, a full line of organic toiletries, and locally grown rainforest foods. Wildlife sightings are frequent and expert naturalists are on staff to spot animals as well as answer any questions you may have. Common sightings include piranhas, sloths, pink river dolphins, squirrel monkeys, and white throated toucans. Luxury will not escape you on the Delfin II, as the ship features an aromatherapy massage parlor complete with rainforest essential oils as well as spacious guest cabins with 180-degree panoramic windows and king-sized beds.

Daily off-ship excursions include skiff and kayak exploration into the hidden lagoons and shallower depths of the Amazon. Cruise goers experience rainforest walks and are surrounded by tropical creatures and plants including a canopy stroll high above the forest floor. In addition, you can enjoy nighttime safaris to witness nocturnal jungle creatures making this experience even more memorable.

Coral Discoverer – Coral Expeditions, Australia

Coral Discoverer-Coral Expeditions, Australia
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The Coral Discoverer is a monohull cruise vessel able to navigate shallow waters while carrying up to seventy-two passengers. Destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, Papa New Guinea, New Zealand, the Kimberly, the South Pacific, the Spice Islands, and Sulewasi. This ship features six luxury cabins with balconies and french doors as well as a sundeck with an open-air bar, a library with WiFi and computers, and a small exercise area. For those inquisitive minds, experts give daily lectures on geology, marine biology, anthropology, and history of the area. Marine life is prevalent in these waters and you are able to view humpback whales, dolphins, giant sea turtles, stingrays, and crocodiles from the decks. Twice daily, depending on which destination you are headed to, you may enjoy shore excursions such as diving into shipwrecks, kayaking, snorkeling, bushwalking, or visiting art galleries and historic sites.

Ocean Endeavor-Quark Expeditions

Ocean Endeavor-Quark Expeditions
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Explore the Arctic onboard the Endeavor. This ship focuses on health and wellness as well as adventure. Enjoy a juice and smoothie bar, take part in daily Yoga classes, visit the day spa, go for a swim in the pool, soak in the hot tub, and detoxify in the sauna. Also on-ship, there is a lecture theater, a bar, and a lounge. The sites are that of movies from glaciers to icebergs some occupied by penguins, sea lions, and the occasional polar bear. Off-ship adventures include frozen tundra treks, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and even stand-up paddle boarding. For those extreme adventure seekers, the cruise offers arctic camping and mountaineering excursions. A truly “cool” experience.

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