Authentic River Cruises in Africa


Africa is home to a variety of rainforests and rivers that provide habitats for endless species of exotic plants and animals. Explore Africa onboard one of these three river cruises.

Viking River Cruises – Cairo to Cairo

Viking cruise MS Antares
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Viking’s MS Antares is a sixty-two passenger river vessel built specifically to sail the Nile river. The Antares features staterooms with French balconies, fifty-five-inch flat screen TVs, private bathrooms with jetted tubs and showers, a stateroom steward and twice daily housekeeping service. All rooms have toiletries, robes, and slippers available and the ship offers a laundry service. The sundeck offers a pool as well as shaded lounge areas and there is an onboard health club, spa, sauna, library, and bar. The Cairo to Cairo cruise offers twelve days exploring ancient Egyptian cities, temples, tombs, and monuments. Egyptologist guided tours are offered for passengers to explore areas and learn about the pyramids and hieroglyphics. Felucca (wooden sailboat) rides down the Nile are offered throughout the trip as well as time to explore local spice markets, bazaars, and museums.

CroisiEurope – Southern Africa River Cruise

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CroisiEurope’s MS African Dream features balcony cabins with exterior lounge chairs and sofas, a sundeck with a jacuzzi. The glass-walled restaurant, bar, and lounge offer unique viewing in an elegant setting. Traditional African foods are served throughout the cruise and passengers will have lunch at a floating restaurant. Africa’s Matusadona National Park with its many islands and inlets will be explored via water safari. Passengers have up-close encounters with  elephants, hippos, buffalo, and crocodiles. Big cats, sea eagles, storks, and herons can be seen as well. A helicopter tour of the world-famous Victoria Falls is also an option for cruise-goers.

AmaWaterways – Wildlife and the Falls Cruise

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The Zambezi Queen ship takes passengers through Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. This twenty-eight passenger ship with  staterooms and balcony suites with a pool and a bar is beyond comfortable!  The cruise offers  morning and evening safaris in the Greater Kruger National Park, a 4×4 safari tour through Chobe National Park, and a Chobe River safari. Can’t miss activities include a guided tour of Victoria Falls, with sunset dinner and cocktails onboard a vintage steam train. 

Can’t-Miss Galapagos Adventures

As you start planning the perfect cruise to the Galapagos Islands, make sure you’re filling up your itinerary with several exciting activities and adventures. Many people head to the Galapagos Islands to spend a few days in nature and relax in untouched territory. Most of the island remains untouched so you can see it from the eyes of early discovery. Here are some things you can do to make it the ultimate Galapagos adventure.

Guided Nature Tour of North Seymour Island

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This glorious natural territory is home to the largest colony of frigatebirds on the island. These blue-footed birds have a unique courtship ritual where the males inflate their distinctive red gular pouch, which they inflate to attract females – you may be able to witness firsthand during your guided tour. North Seymour Island is almost entirely covered with vegetation, which is why you’ll find all sorts of land and marine iguanas, garden eels, and other animals across the land. Hiking and snorkeling are popular activities here so you’ll want to plan at least a day on the water and a day on land.

Kayaking Excursions on Santa Fe Island

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Santa Fe Island is a hotbed of endemic species and is the perfect destination for swimming, kayaking, and other water activities. You’ll probably see sea lions on the beaches around Barrington Bay before you head out for a guided surfing lesson. Hawks, snakes, finches, and mockingbirds are common around these parts so you can expect to see a variety of wildlife and birds in their natural habitat. 

Shopping in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

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If you’re looking for a taste of culture and local history, make your way to the waterfront town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on Santa Cruz island. This is about as commercial as you will get in the Galapagos and is where you’ll find a few local shops, luxury hotel accommodations and a visitor’s center where you can learn more about the islands.

Spectacular Solar Eclipse Cruises

If you are looking for a very special vacation, you may want to consider an expedition cruise to Antarctica in December 2023. Only on polar class ships will you have the opportunity to experience the total solar eclipse set amid the backdrop of Antarctica. This celestial event won’t make an appearance again for another 75 years. Your journey takes you to the remote corners of the Southern Ocean in a path of total darkness created by the eclipse. This once in a lifetime occurrence will be in full view in the early morning hours of December 4, 2021, and these epic polar expedition cruises will bring you up close to this magnificent wonder.

Solar Eclipse in Antartica Cruise

The Solar Eclipse in Antartica cruise with Swoop Antarctica positions you near the South Orkney Islands in the Scotia Sea for a spectacular view of the eclipse. Aside from the eclipse, you’ll have the chance to see the seventh continent and explore the splendid wildlife of South Georgia and the Falklands on the 20-day cruise. Onboard lectures from NASA Astronomer Dr. Michelle Thaller and NASA Engineer Dr. Andrew Booth enhance the realm of your cruise, as does kayaking adventures and wildlife experiences.

Experience Antartica Solar Eclipse Cruise

Choose between two 116 or 176 passenger expedition ships which depart from the “End of the World” Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city on the earth. On the Experience Antarctic Solar Eclipse cruise with Swoop Antarctica, you’ll explore the Falklands and South Georgia before the ship places you as close to the center of the shadow of the moon as possible. This amazing adventure presents opportunities to expand your knowledge of this great event and Antartica’s spectacular geography through onboard lectures from expert polar guides.

Poseidon Expeditions

From November 20 to December 12, sail from Ushuaia, Argentina aboard the 114 passenger M/V Sea Spirit with Poseidon Expeditions. Here you will discover the polar region in style and comfort. Whether you’re dining on international cuisine at the open seating restaurant or eating light meals outdoors in the Bistro, you’ll have plenty of options to enjoy gourmet meals after invigorating excursions through the polar regions. The open bridge policy provides plenty of opportunities to learn about your ship and the breathtaking waters and wildlife. Continue learning about the solar eclipse from astrophysicist, author, and speaker Paul Sutter, who shares in-depth knowledge and engages in discussions to enhance your journey.

A cruise to one of the most remote places on earth is an adventure of a lifetime. Couple the exploration with the viewing of the rare solar eclipse and you get one magnificent journey.

The Best Time of Year to Cruise to Alaska

The Alaska cruise season is only five months long so you need to plan ahead if you’re planning a trip to these beautiful lands this year. However, there are a few months during this five-month timespan that are better than others. Whether you’re interested in exploring local wildlife, discovering the glaciers in the gulf, or want to venture through the inside passages in a sheltered waterway, you’ll need to choose from a few months of the year for your adventure. 

For the Midnight Sun: June-August

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The warmest months in Alaska are between mid-June and mid-August. So if you’re one of the many travelers who head to Alaska to see the Midnight Sun, make sure you travel during these months. The Midnight Sun only occurs three weeks before or after the summer solstice. 

For the Best Prices: May and September

May and September are considered to be the shoulder season Alaska so these are the times where you’ll find fewer crowds and lower prices on cruises. However, you may not have access to all the activities you want to enjoy if you travel only during these months. And make sure to pack a heavy jacket as it does start getting colder!

For the Wildlife: May, June and July

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If you’re interested in a wildlife adventure on your Alaska cruise, the best times to book a cruise will be in late May and early June. However, you’ll run into more bears in late June and early July. If touring the national park is on your agenda, make sure to wait until June because the park is closed through May.

For the Foliage: Early Fall

Picking berries in the summertime is a popular activity but the best times to do this are in the late summer and early fall months. Fall is also a great time to enjoy the foliage and not worry about bugs.

For the Northern Lights: Late Fall and Late Winter

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If you’re looking forward to seeing the spectacular Aurora Borealis, you’ll need to be out there by the second week fo September or during the late winter months.

How to Plan a Cruise with Extended Family

Vacationing with extended family or even planning a destination family reunion is a great way to bring loved ones together. But finding a trip pleasing to everyone can be an insurmountable task. Enter cruises. A cruise vacation takes hotel accommodations, dining, entertainment, and multiple destinations and places them in a perfectly presented package pleasing to most everyone. Here’s what you need to know when planning a cruise with extended family.

Appoint a Group Leader

Appoint a leader for your group in order to streamline communication, field questions and act as a point of contact to the cruise specialist. Having one person acting as a liaison between the specialist and the group avoids confusion.

Decide on the Length of Your Cruise

The first thing you need to determine is the length of your cruise and embarkation point. Consider where a majority of the group is located. If most people live within driving distance of the embarkation point, a short 3-4-day cruise is an option. However, if family members will be traveling far or flying to the port, it becomes worthwhile to book a longer cruise, around 7-10 days. Sometimes getting away for a week is a challenge, in that case, a short cruise is better than nothing!

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Sand or Sightseeing?

Consider the demographics of the group. If there are a lot of children, a Caribbean cruise keeps the little ones entertained while adults relax on sandy beaches. Alternatively, if there are more adults and older children traveling, Mediterranean or European cruises boast an array of art and cultural opportunities.

Ask About Group Discounts

Many cruise companies offer incentives or discounts when booking a cruise. For instance, Royal Caribbean offers a cruise credit for every eight staterooms (with a minimum of 16 guests) that sail in your group. Celebrity Cruises features group discounts and points that can earn your group onboard amenities while still offering payment flexibility. Each person can pay individually or as a group. Your assigned Celebrity Group Planner handles the details.

Customize Your Group Cruise

Celebrity does a great job of helping you customize your group cruise by arranging private shore excursions, cocktail hours or other events just for your group. Most cruise companies will offer this service, just check with your cruise agent.


Depending on the size of the cabin and price range you choose, options range from staterooms to suites. Within each category, there are different options as well. For example, some suites offer amenities such as butler service, concierge services, and fully stocked mini bars. Most cruise lines make group bookings simple. Cruise lines such as Carnival and Celebrity allow guests to book multiple staterooms at the same time easy and ensures that cabins are close together.


Many ships will accommodate dinner arrangements based on the needs of your group. Whether you prefer to dine at the same time or in different groups, cruise specialists can assist you in setting up your preferences. Royal Caribbean lets you choose table allocations 50 days prior to sailing so your group leader can assign seats in advance.

Cruises are a great way to spend quality time with extended family. With the perfect amount of group time, individual time and even alone time along with a vast range of entertainment and dining options, there is perhaps no better vacation for family reunions or multigenerational travel.

American Queen | Mississippi River Cruising

American Queen Voyages has announced its most comprehensive voyage in its history with the Grand Ohio & Upper Mississippi Rivers.

On July 24, 2023, the ship will set sail from Minneapolis for a 23-day journey.  Including exploring the 1,772-mile route of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

“Guests have made the 16-day Mighty Mississippi voyage between Minneapolis (Red Wing) and New Orleans one of our most popular itineraries. The sailing from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh will pass through ten states.  Marietta,

Premium and included shore excursion highlights of the itinerary include: “A Story of Cinema: The “Field of Dreams” Experience”, in Dubuque, IA, “The National Quilt Museum”, in Paducah, KY, as well as “Tracing the Trail of Tears”, in Cape Girardeau, MO.

American Queen Steamboat Company /

Favorite Activities on a Cruise to Bermuda

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A cruise to Bermuda could be just what you need to escape the everyday and relax on the sunny shores of one of the world’s most beautiful islands. This island is premier destination for cruise travelers, think sun, sand, great food, and sporting events. Here are some of our favorite activities to enjoy on a cruise to Bermuda.

Guided Island Tour

Discover the pink sands and visit famous landmarks, including the Gib’s Hill Light House and Royal Naval Dockyard during your visit. The historic town of St. George is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Enjoy an historical reenactment show with St. George’s Town Crier. The South Shore is where you’ll find Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches and is the perfect place just sit back with your favorite cocktail and enjoy the sunset.

Scuba Diving Discovery Experience

The waters around Bermuda are perfect for scuba diving and an unforgettable. Book a guided tour with a certified instructor to learn how to scuba then head to a diving area around an old shipwreck near the island to discover a new world. Most scuba diving experiences are half-day excursions so you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the beach and local restaurants.

Crystal Caves Sightseeing Tour

The Crystal Caves are one of the highlights of a trip to Bermuda, a stunning underground attraction with amazing cave formations and azure blue waters. You can take a narrated sightseeing tour through the caves and underwater caverns.  Learn how the ocean-fed lake helps maintain this subterranean world, and see firsthand why it’s been an inspiration for many authors.  After your tour, head off to the beautiful beaches of Bermuda’s South Shore, and grab a Dark N stormy!


5 Tips For Cruising With Friends

Cruising with friends can be an adventure of a lifetime…sometimes. People claim that you never really know someone until you travel with them. While cruising with your best pals may seem like a great idea, it can also turn sour, quickly. These five foolproof tips will ensure you and your besties return with great memories and intact friendships.

Hold A Pre-Cruise Meeting

Sit down together before the cruise and discuss the needs of each individual. While there is no pleasing everyone, addressing issues such as shore excursions, budget, habits, or pet peeves ahead of time allows each person to share their thoughts. And if only a few members want to go snorkeling, that’s ok. The group doesn’t need to take part in every activity together. Knowing this ahead of time avoids hurt feelings and gives everyone a chance to find who shares their interests. There’s nothing better than getting together at the end of the day and recapping your adventures over dinner and drinks.

Discuss Budgets At your Pre-Cruise Meeting

Cruising is undoubtedly the best trip you can take with friends. It takes out the uncomfortable scenarios such as splitting bills, individual budgets, and embarrassing situations. Thankfully, cruises incorporate most costs upfront, minimizing potentially awkward circumstances that may arise during group vacations. Decide ahead of time if you would like to prepay for alcohol packages, tips, or specialty dining, that way the only out of pocket group cost that may pop up will be minimal. For instance, transportation costs or shore excursions. Helpful tip: Link everyone’s credit card to their room key even if you are sharing cabins.

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Manage Your Expectations

Know before you hop on board that traveling with a group requires some level of flexibility. If a majority of the group wants to dine at the Italian specialty restaurant, but you were hoping for a casual dinner, you may have to take one for the team. Try to see the silver lining and find the positive in the situation. Wouldn’t you love to try the tiramasu at the Italian venue? Remember the idea of cruising with friends is about creating memories. Keep your expectations manageable and be willing to compromise. Believe us, a little effort goes a long way.

Be a Good Roommate

Be mindful when sharing a cabin, a little bit of manners goes a long way. Observe quiet evenings and early mornings, keep your cabin tidy, and respect privacy. For more tips on sharing cabins, check out “Cruise Courtesy for Sharing Cabins.” 

A cruise with friends is a great way to escape everyday life and reconnect with those you love. Just follow these tips for smooth sailing!

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