Cruise Pricing 101

One of the best parts of cruising lies in the (mostly) all-inclusive cost. But unless you are sailing on an ultra-luxury cruise line such as Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Crystal Cruises, or Silversea most mainline cruises do charge for extras such as alcoholic beverages, shore excursions, and even fitness classes. If you don’t mind paying higher base prices, then opt for the all-inclusive luxury cruises, and you won’t have to worry about many of the “hidden” fees. Otherwise, here is a list of some expenses that may take you by surprise.

Cruise Taxes & Fees

Port fees and taxes range anywhere between $100-$200 per person for a 7-night cruise.

Parking at Terminal

Parking at the terminal can range between $15-$25 per day. We recommended staying in the port city before the cruise, not only for convenience but some hotels offer free cruise parking and shuttles to the terminal.


Most cruise lines give guests the option of adding standard gratuities to their final bill. This averages $13-$15 per guest per day but doesn’t include bar tabs, drink orders, porters, and spa services.


The average cost of internet per day translates to .75 cents/per minute. Many ships do offer different packages, for example, by data, by the minute or social media only. Prices range from $25/per day to $125 for 100 minutes.

Specialty Dining

Dining at the ship’s premier restaurants, which offer more intimate settings and personalized menu selections cost about $35 per person, excluding alcohol.

Beverage Packages

Unless you are sailing on one of the all-inclusive luxury ships like Silversea, Regent Seven Seas, or Seabourn, expect to pay around $8-$12 per cocktail or between $45-65 per day per person for the beverage package. Premium packages may run upwards of $99 per person per day.

Bottled Water

While tap water is free, bottled water come at a cost. For example, Disney Cruise Line charges $9.75 for a six pack of Dasani. Celebrity offers an unlimited package for still or sparkling water at $16 per day.

Specialty Coffee

If you loving your morning latte or cappuccino, expect to pay between $3-$5 per drink.

Shore Excursions

Depending on the length and type of activity, excursions can cost anywhere between $30 for a city tour to $250 for a day tour.

Spa Services

A 50-minute massage averages between $110-$160, while more specialized treatments may cost up to $400.

Fitness Classes

Expect to pay between $10-$12 a session for fitness classes such as Pilates or yoga.

Corkage Fee

Some cruise lines do allow you to bring up to two bottles of wine onboard, but unless you open them in your room, you will be paying a corkage fee of anywhere between $10-$30 per bottle.

Room Service

Most cruise lines include complimentary room service, but some cruises such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian have implemented a $7.95 service charge per order. Others, such as Celebrity, have added a small fee for orders placed between 11 P.M. and 6 A.M.

Thalassotherapy Pool & Thermal Suites

The use of these pools and even thermal suites are typically included with spa treatments, but day passes cost $30-$40 per day.

Bottom line: read the fine print and know what to expect. Just one extra day of indulging in all of the extras mentioned above could cost you an additional $478 on the conservative end.

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