Making The Most Of Your Last Cruise Day

When your fun-filled cruise inevitably winds down, it is easy to feel a bit gloomy. But there’s plenty of time for one last hurrah once you’ve taken care of the details! Here’s what you need to know.

Prepare for Debarkation

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Take care of the disembarkation details as soon as possible. That goes for you too, procrastinators! With a bit of preparation, your departure will be seamless and you can enjoy your last day to the fullest, knowing there’s nothing left to do. Here is what you can expect:

Participate in Briefing

The cruise ship will hold a presentation explaining all that you need to know about the disembarkation process. At least one member of your group should attend. You will also receive a letter in your room detailing departure and outlining the instructions. and colored luggage tags.


Unless you are in a room with a butler, you’re going to have to pack your bags and have them waiting outside your door in the evening. On the morning of your last day, pack as much as you can. Be sure to pack a separate day bag. This will be the only item you have access to on disembarkation day. Attach the color-coded luggage tags that you receive with your letter to your bags.

Settle On Board Accounts

Review the charges on your account. If there are discrepancies, visit guest relations as soon as possible. The line on disembarkation day is exceptionally long.


Your last day is a great time to recognize crew members who went above and beyond. Hand out thank you notes with gratuities to those staff members.


If you are purchasing your photos, don’t wait until the evening when the lines are incredibly long. Likewise, many of the shops put merchandise on sale. Now is a great time to make any last-minute purchases.

Have Fun

You’ve taken care of the details now it’s time for fun! Here are a few suggestions for an epic last day at sea!

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If your trip has been full of excursions, now is the time to get that final bit of rest. Sit by the pool, sip a cocktail, go for a run, whatever recharges you, now is the time to do it. When planning your cruise, we suggest setting up a spa appointment for your last day on board. What better way to reinvigorate!

Visit the Casino

If you’ve been to the casino, cash in your chips now. Casino’s typically aren’t open the morning of debarkation. You may even try for one last lucky win.

Specialty Dining

Like the spa, booking specialty restaurants for the last day of your cruise gives you something special to look forward to as your cruise winds down.

Do Something Extra

Indulge in that piece of cake. Let the kids stay up late. Order pizza and beer to your room. Say yes on your last day!

Schedule an Excursion

That’s right! There are companies and even cruise lines which offer excursions upon arriving into port. They also drop off at hotels and airports. Exploring the city is an excellent alternative to sitting at the airport. Even better? Extend your cruise with one night in the port city, to ease into the end of your trip!

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