Riviera River Cruises Adds More Solo Journeys

While it can be fun to travel with family and friends, it can also be exciting to take a solo adventure alone. This opportunity gives you the chance to spend personal time with yourself and get plenty of rest before heading back to your everyday life. Riviera River Cruises is now making it easier for solo travelers to take part in their cruising experiences. They will be expanding their solo-friendly cruise offerings and minimizing fees.

Riviera River Cruises is planning to launch three new European cruises for solo travelers. These 2020 journeys will depart from Germany, France, and the Netherlands. One of the best things about this is solo travelers won’t pay a single supplement. Whether you’re traveling alone or want to stay in your own cabin when taking a cruise with friends, you can easily do so thanks to these cruises. Single occupancy is available in every cabin and suite on these journeys, so feel free to book the perfect accommodation for your needs.

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Wanting to plan a solo European getaway? Check out these brand-new future solo travel journeys:

8 Day Medieval Germany: Begins October 2020
8 Day The Seine, Paris, and Normandy: Begins March 2020
5 Day Amsterdam, Kinderdijk, and the Duch Bulbdfields: Begins March 2020

You can also book one of their existing solo travel journeys if you still want to take a cruise in 2019. Here are some options:

8 Day The Blue Danube: November 2019
Burgundy, the River Rhône, and Provence: November 2019
Rhine, Strasbourg, and Heidelberg: October 2019

In addition to these specific journeys, the cruise line is also planning to offer a limited number of cabins single-supplement-free on every departure. That means it’s even easier to take a solo cruise adventure to unforgettable destinations

Just because you’re not traveling in a big group doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on a cruise. You shouldn’t have to overpay for your cabin or suite, either. Taking a solo-friendly journey like these offered by Riviera River Cruises can make it easy for you to have fun and take advantage of extra savings.

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