10 Tips to Keep Your Belongings Safe on a Cruise

Cruises are a great option when it comes to stress-free vacations. But, anytime hundreds or even thousands of people are in one place, there’s a risk for theft. Pull into port, and the risk becomes even greater. Practicing a few extra safety measures when it comes to protecting your personal belongings is key to being stress-free.

Luggage Tags

Refrain from writing your home address on luggage tags. The only information needed on luggage tags is your first name, email address, and phone number. Take a photo of your luggage before you leave. This helps the cruise line or airport identify your bags should they get lost or stolen.

Bring A Portable Safe

Walking away from your belongings even for a second invites trouble. Bring along a portable safe, like the SAFEGO Portable Travel Lockbox Safe to secure cellphones, keys, or wallets. The heavy-duty, flexible steel cable locks around almost any fixed objects such as chaise lounges or poles. Use the safe in your cabin for added security.

Leave Expensive Jewelry at Home

As much as you want to sport your best watch or diamond earrings, leave valuable jewelry at home. Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself with flashy jewels or even risk losing important items.

Carry Minimal Cash

Most cruises are all-inclusive, so while onboard, you won’t have the need for large amounts of cash. When getting off the ship in port, only bring enough money to get you through the day. Rely on credit cards which offer more protection if compromised.

Pack Light

Thieves looking to prey on preoccupied tourists. Juggling multiple bags, luggage, and even kids and all of a sudden you are a distracted disaster.  Aim for one day bag and one piece of luggage, and make each member of your group responsible for his or her own items.

Carry Bags and Wallets in Front of You

Carry wallets and crossbody bags, even backpacks, in front of you. This makes it much more difficult for pickpockets and thieves to snatch your belongings.

Be Wary of Distractions

Thieves are notorious for creating distractions to grab your wallet, bag, and other personal items, remember the juggling luggage tip? Even seemingly simple questions such as someone asking for the time is enough to garner your attention, so you don’t let your guard down.

Use Anti-Theft bags

There are a variety of day bags with reinforced handles, hidden zippers, and even RFID pockets to protect your credit cards and passports.

Make Copies of Credit Cards and Passports

Before heading on your cruise, make photocopies of your passport and credit cards. In the event that they are stolen or lost, having photocopies makes it much easier for authorities to help resolve the issues.

Separate Items

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Spread valuables across multiple bags. If one bag gets stolen, you have back up items in additional bags.

Cruises are generally safe; most of the risk for theft comes when you are in port. Exercise caution as you would on any vacation for smooth sailing!

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