6 Can’t-Miss Restaurants Near the Port of Rio

Rio is bursting with a vibrant culinary scene thanks to a myriad of fresh produce, carnivorous creations, and savory pastries. If you’re lucky enough to be in the port of Rio, a world of culinary delights await. Here are our top 6 favorite eateries in the port of Rio.

Marius Degustare

Av. Atlantica, 290 Copacabana, RJ

Recognized worldwide, the gastronomical gem offers a sophisticated selection of the freshest seafood and meats around. Fine champagnes and wines, live oysters, caviar, salmon roe, specialty meats, and delectable artisan truffles make this worth the visit. Located on the beautiful Copacabana beach, Patricia Shultz includes Marius Degustare in her book, “1000 Places to See Before You Die.”


General San Martin Street, 889 Leblon RJ

Flanked with a number of awards, including two years of Michelin star rankings, Oro highlights two menus. The first, Creativity, features daily specials with a focus on seasonal ingredients. The second, Affectivity, appeals to those who desire only one dish. With sharable eats and a wood-burning oven, Chef Felipe Bronze continues to amaze. There’s a reason he’s one of the most awarded chefs of his generation.

Estrelas da Babilonia

Ladeira Ary Barroso

This Latin favorite offers a perfect reprieve from the busy metropolis. Located in Babilonia, you’ll find vegetarian and vegan-friendly options in addition to chicken skewers, excellent service, and artisanal beers. You do need to travel through the favelas, but the local favorite offers spectacular views of the Copacabana and lively sambas. Estrelas da Babilonia is the authentic Rio.

Bar Urca

Rua Candido Gaffree, 205 Urca

This unpretentious neighborhood hotspot has been serving locals and visitors for over 80 years. We love Bar Urca for its icy cold beers, pasteles (pastries stuffed with beef), fish and shrimp stew and palmitos and of course unprecedented views of Guanabara Bay and Rio Niteroi Bridge.

Bar Astor

Av. Vieria Souto, 110 Rio de Janeiro

Not your typical beachfront eatery, Bar Astor favors fancy booths over flip flops and sophisticated ambiance over sandy bar stools. Craft cocktails, stylish sandwiches (salmon sandwich club), high-end cuts of filets served with robust, flavorful sauces and fun snacks like ceviche Miraflores (with fresh coconut, orange, cashew, ginger, and cilantro) make this gastronomical treasure a must.

Mil Frutas

Rua Garcia d Avila, 134A Ipanema

Meaning “A thousand fruits,” Mil Frutas draws a large crowd looking to cool down with tropical sorbets and exotic ice cream flavors. Step out of the box and try unique creations such as brownie and green fig, custard apple ice cream or raspberry and cheese.

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