12 Clever Cruise Cabin Hacks

With the average cruise cabin coming in under 200 square feet, it takes a bit of master maneuvering to live comfortably for a week. The key is to take a few minutes at the beginning of your cruise to get organized. Check out these clever cruise cabin hacks that will make your space seem less compact and more like home.

Ask for Extra Hangers

Cabins always have more room in the closets than hangers. Ask your cabin steward for extra hangers. Hanging as much as you can immediately not only saves space but saves time on ironing wrinkled clothes.

Use Packing Cubes

These handy little cubes will keep you organized and fit neatly into drawers. Pack outfits together, including undergarments for easy access.

Use Your Suitcase

Use one suitcase for shoes and leave it open under the bed. It keeps bulky shoes accessible and makes great easy to retrieve “under the bed” storage.

Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are your best friend. Cruise cabin walls are metal. These hooks create extra hanging space for hats, beach bags, jewelry, lanyards, and diaper bags.

Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Over the door hangers are a HUGE space saver. Use them to store cosmetics, toiletries, suntan lotion, medication, and hair products. Even better? Consider packing everything in the organizer and placing it in your luggage to save time on embarkation day.

Remove What You Don’t Need

Upon arriving in your cabin, gather items that you won’t be using: stationary, ice buckets even extra chairs and ask your steward to remove them.

Bring A Laundry Bag

Immediately put dirty clothes in a laundry bag and store under the bed or in an empty suitcase.

Bring an Electronic Organizer

Between phones, ipads, and cameras, cords and accessories can easily get lost and create confusion. Purchase an organizer to store all items and designate one area for electronics.

Bring a portable speaker

Not only can you bring the portable speaker to the beach, but you can listen to your favorite playlist in your room.

Pack an Air Freshener

Bring your favorite aromatherapy oils or diffuser, we love the Nest diffusers. Your cabin will smell fresh, and when you return home and use the same scent, you’ll be reminded of your vacation.

Bring a Small Fan

A small bedside fan will keep you cool and help with circulation in the room.

Don’t Forget a Nightlight

Cabins can be very dark at night. Bring a nightlight to avoid stubbed toes or waking the kids if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

Bring A Blanket

Nothing says home like a favorite cozy blanket. It is a great way to keep warm while sitting on your balcony and comforting in bed at night.

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