5 Things to Avoid Doing in Your Cruise Cabin

A cruise can offer an unforgettable vacation experience. You’ll get to enjoy the comfort and amenities of the cruise ship in addition to visiting some incredible destinations. You’ll likely spend at least some time in your cruise cabin, so you want to make sure that you make the right choices so you can stay comfortable and not break any rules. Here are some things you’ll want to avoid when hanging out in your cruise cabin room.

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Be Overly Loud

While you want to be able to enjoy your trip and have fun talking with your friends and family, you don’t want to be inconsiderate to nearby passengers. Make sure that you’re not having loud arguments or conversations while in your cabin. The walls are thinner than you might think and it can be disturbing (and uncomfortable, depending on the conversation topic!) for fellow surrounding passengers.

Make a Mess of Your Room

When you’re always on the go and are busy enjoying your cruise, it can be easy to let your room get out of hand. But, it’s a good idea to try to contain your mess and piles! When you have a limited size cabin to relax and enjoy, you don’t want to make it harder to get around and find things. Keeping your personal items, clothes, and electronics contained and organized will ensure that you waste less time and enjoy your cruise more. Check out these clever cabin hacks to make your space feel bigger.

Forget to Empty Your Safe

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Many travelers choose to use their cabin’s safe to store important items and valuables. While this is a great place to hide your most essential things, you don’t want to forget to check your safe before leaving. If you leave behind an important document, it can make the end of your trip much more stressful. Double-check all areas of your cabin, including the safe, before your cruise ends!

Choose to Smoke in Non-Designated Areas

Smoking is off-limits except for specific areas while on a cruise. That means you can’t smoke in your cabin or on your private balcony! Make sure that you’re following the rules and not putting others in danger by smoking where you shouldn’t be doing so.

Share Your Cabin with the Wrong Person

While this is something you’ll want to consider before booking your cruise, it’s crucial. Choosing a great travel partner is a must! If you’re stuck with an annoying travel and cabin mate, it can make your trip unbearable — mainly because most standard cruise cabin rooms are tiny! Talk about preferences and habits with potential travel friends before agreeing to book a cruise and room together. It’ll make the experience better for both of you!

Avoiding these things can make your whole cruise experience so much more fun.

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