Our Guide to Traveling With a Baby on a Cruise

From pampers to passports, if you are considering bringing your baby on a cruise here’s what you need to know.

How old does my baby have to be?

Most cruise lines require a baby to be a least six months of age at embarkation. If it’s a trans-oceanic cruise or a cruise to more remote itineraries, some cruise lines require your child to be at least 12 months old.

Do I have to pay for my baby?

Most cruise fares are per person, so yes you need to pay for the baby. If two full-fare guests are in the cabin, look for cruises which discount third and fourth fare guests or “kids sail free” promotions.

Do I pay gratuities for my baby?

No. You are not required to pay gratuities for children under the age of 2; however, keep in mind, little ones make messes, so be courteous. Tipping those that go out of their way to make your cruise pleasurable is a gracious gesture. Check out our tipping guide for more information.

Does my baby need a passport?

A passport may not be required (some cruises do allow birth certificates), so check with your cruise representative in advance. However, it is a good idea to obtain a passport for your child to avoid any unforeseen obstacles. Non-U.S. residents will need a passport and in some cases a Visa.

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Will there be a crib in my stateroom?

Cribs and sheets are provided. Let your cruise agent know that you will need a crib when making your reservation. You may also bring a portable fold-up pack and play.

How do I store my breast milk or formula?

Inquire about in-room refrigerators, as each cruise is different.  Other options include bringing a mini cooler and requesting ice from your cabin steward or storing your milk with Guest Services. Distilled water for formula may be brought onboard or purchased once you are on the ship. Ask to pre-order for immediate delivery.

Can I nurse my baby in public?

Mothers have the right to breastfeed their baby in both private and public areas on board.

Can I bring baby food onboard?

Some cruise ships have baby food on board, so ask your cruise specialist — certain cruise lines, like Disney Cruise Lines, even puree food for your baby. If you choose to bring your baby food on board, it must be sealed and in its original container. You must store the baby food in your cabin.

Do restaurants provide highchairs?


Can my baby swim in swim diapers?

No. According to the United States Public Health Services, swim diapers and children who are not potty trained are not permitted in pools. Look for splash zones for infants in diapers.

How do I bathe my child?

Most cruise ships only have showers. You will need to bring a small inflatable, portable tub if you do not want to take your baby into the shower with you.

The bottom line is bringing the baby on board manageable. Just be sure to ask your cruise agents for additional details. Every ship has different policies.

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