Our Favorite Bars in Northern Europe

If you’re cruising to the Baltic and Northern Europe, you’ll get to explore several ports of call along the way. From the busy Oslo Harbor in Norway to the bustling city center of Helsinki in Finland, you can enjoy some good drinks and great food at some of the top-rated bars in the region. Here are some of the top picks for bars in Northern Europe.

Akkurat in Stockholm, Sweden

One of the top-rated pubs in Sweden, this bar serves up a variety of malt whiskies and ales. It hosts live music throughout the week and is always bustling with activity. The venue also serves food so it’s the perfect place to enjoy some Swedish specialties and taste some local flavors. It’s not a dive bar by any means but is always bustling with activity. If you head here on a Thursday night, you can enjoy ‘German nights’ with cask lagers straight from Germany and German-style food. Sundays are another popular night for live music and performances.

Leskinen in Oulu, Finland

Another highly-rated pub in northern Europe serves up 750 different types of beer and 20 different draughts. It’s a crowd favorite by locals and visitors alike. Since it’s close to the water, many travelers on a cruise or boat excursions end up here during their journey. You can settle in at the patio out front and spend some time people watching in downtown Oulu. It’s the perfect location when you’re exploring the rest of the city and want to get at taste of life as a local.

AleBrowar Gydnia, Poland

A popular bar near the water is a haven for craft beer lovers, a brewery that releases Polish favorites and regularly. The Gydnia location is the official brewpub of the Ale Browar brewery and has become a mecca for beer fans from around the globe. You can sample all types of beer and take a few favorites back to the ship to enjoy as you continue your cruise through Northern Europe.

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