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5 Tips For Cruising With Friends

Cruising with friends can be an adventure of a lifetime…sometimes. People claim that you never really know someone until you travel with them. While cruising with your best pals may seem like a great idea, it can also turn sour, quickly. These five foolproof tips will ensure you and your besties return with great memories and intact friendships.

Hold A Pre-Cruise Meeting

Sit down together before the cruise and discuss the needs of each individual. While there is no pleasing everyone, addressing issues such as shore excursions, budget, habits, or pet peeves ahead of time allows each person to share their thoughts. And if only a few members want to go snorkeling, that’s ok. The group doesn’t need to take part in every activity together. Knowing this ahead of time avoids hurt feelings and gives everyone a chance to find who shares their interests. There’s nothing better than getting together at the end of the day and recapping your adventures over dinner and drinks.

Discuss Budgets At your Pre-Cruise Meeting

Cruising is undoubtedly the best trip you can take with friends. It takes out the uncomfortable scenarios such as splitting bills, individual budgets, and embarrassing situations. Thankfully, cruises incorporate most costs upfront, minimizing potentially awkward circumstances that may arise during group vacations. Decide ahead of time if you would like to prepay for alcohol packages, tips, or specialty dining, that way the only out of pocket group cost that may pop up will be minimal. For instance, transportation costs or shore excursions. Helpful tip: Link everyone’s credit card to their room key even if you are sharing cabins.

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Manage Your Expectations

Know before you hop on board that traveling with a group requires some level of flexibility. If a majority of the group wants to dine at the Italian specialty restaurant, but you were hoping for a casual dinner, you may have to take one for the team. Try to see the silver lining and find the positive in the situation. Wouldn’t you love to try the tiramasu at the Italian venue? Remember the idea of cruising with friends is about creating memories. Keep your expectations manageable and be willing to compromise. Believe us, a little effort goes a long way.

Be a Good Roommate

Be mindful when sharing a cabin, a little bit of manners goes a long way. Observe quiet evenings and early mornings, keep your cabin tidy, and respect privacy. For more tips on sharing cabins, check out “Cruise Courtesy for Sharing Cabins.” 

A cruise with friends is a great way to escape everyday life and reconnect with those you love. Just follow these tips for smooth sailing!

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