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Deal Alert: Avalon Waterways


Free to be. Free to see. Jump ship to the liberating world of Avalon Waterways river cruises.

As you set sail down the world’s most legendary waters, we’ve curated a collection of the most intriguing experiences to immerse yourself in – both on board and off. With the wind in your hair, whim in your heart and the excursions on your cruising itinerary, the compass is in the palm of your hand to choose any direction you desire. Here’s your window of opportunity on some featured cruise deals and offers!

Long overdue for a trip and open to booking a cruise adventure? Avalon Waterways is enticing travelers to start planning by offering discounts on European cruises. In addition to savings on 2024 cruises, travelers can also get free roundtrip airfare. This sale is an excellent way to save on your travel costs and get your trip plans set well in advance.

There are many benefits to planning your travels ahead of time. You can avoid procrastination and give yourself something to look forward to in the coming months. You may also be able to save on travel costs by planning your trip details now. Avalon Waterways is a company known for its exciting, luxury river cruises. 

Credit: Avalon WaterwaysTo take advantage of this deal, travelers must book a qualifying 2024vcruise. By doing this, you will be able to receive a $250 per person discount on the cruise price. You can also take advantage of free roundtrip airfare for each traveler, which adds more value! This promotion allows you to enjoy a fantastic vacation at a much lower cost.

If you’e wondering where to cruise, you have many options since Avalon Waterways cruises to some of the best cities in Europe.

Here are some qualifying cruises that can be booked with this promotion:

10 Day River Cruise Prague to Remich
16 Day River Cruise Basel to Budapest
14 Day River Cruise London to Prague
19 Day River Cruise Budapest to Amsterdam
10 Day River Cruise Port-Saint-Louis to Paris

Start dreaming up your next European adventure! All of these cruises promise plenty of excitement and fun. This summer promotion is the perfect excuse to think ahead about your next cruise.

Be sure to check the offer details and terms and conditions before making a booking.

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