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We Dare You to Book These Incredible Secret Cruise Experiences

Vacationing on a cruise is exciting in itself, but you can take your cruise adventure to the next level by booking unique experiences. We have a feeling there are some extra extraordinary experiences that you don’t know exist! These incredible adventures can make your cruise more memorable. Keep reading to see what secret cruise experiences you may want to book on your next cruise: 

Take an Underwater Walk in the South Pacific

You’ve probably heard of regular snorkeling and scuba diving—but what underwater walking? When you head to the South Pacific with Paul Gauguin Cruises, you can do just that. While at Moorea Island, you will be outfitted with an air-supplied helmet and head into the waters to explore. For 30-minutes, you can walk around and explore the local sea animals, including groupers, butterflyfish, and coral. You won’t forget this unique travel experience! 

Credit: Seadream

Celebrate in Style with a Champagne and Caviar Splash Party

This experience promises exciting memories! Seadream’s Champagne and Caviar Splash Party is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or treat yourself to a little extra fun while on vacation. Available on Caribbean cruises, travelers can enjoy a delicious poolside barbeque with caviar and bubbles, too! We have a feeling you won’t forget this incredible adventure. 

Fly Over Juneau and Go Dog Sledding

When you cruise with Silversea to incredible Juneau, Alaska, you’re going to be amazed at the gorgeous scenery. Did you know that you can go on a helicopter ride to take in the best views and also go dog sledding? After an awe-inspiring helicopter ride, you’ll learn all about dog mushing and get to experience sledding with Alaskan huskies! You can book these unique experiences together with Silversea. 

Credit: Shutterstock

See Sharks and Stingrays on a Glass-Bottom Boat Ride

While exploring amazing Bora Bora with Oceania, be sure to book their Sharks and Rays By Glass-Bottom Boat excursion. If you want to see beautiful sea life without snorkeling, this is a great option! If conditions permit it, you’ll see black-tipped sharks, lemon sharks, and stingrays from your glass-bottom boat. 

Fall Asleep Under the Stars While Glamping on a Mega Yacht

When you board the Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Flora mega yacht, you’ll experience luxury everywhere you go. As you make your way to the breathtaking Galapagos Islands, you can sleep under the stars! This glamorous camping experience gives you the best views of the skies. You’ll get to enjoy two cabanas—one with a double bed for sleeping and another for an alfresco meal. How amazing is that? 

All of these incredible secret cruise experiences offer a unique travel experience. Which excursion will you book first?

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