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Cruise Lines That Offer Small Group Tours and Excursions

When adventuring on a cruise, it’s fun to take part in local experiences while you’re spending time at port. By doing this, you’ll get a good look at the area and learn a lot more about local life as you travel to new places. As you begin to consider which cruise to book for your next trip, it may be a better option to book with a cruise line that offers small group tours and excursions. This will provide a more personalized travel experience and allow you to fully absorb the information and experience. Keep reading to see which cruises provide tours like this: 

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Celebrity Cruises

When sailing with Celebrity Cruises, travelers have the opportunity to book Celebrity Discoveries, which are local, culturally focused tours and experiences. These excursions are made for smaller groups and offer more personalization. These tours are a great way to experience a destination from the eyes of a local. 

Seadream Yacht Club

For those who prefer smaller ships and fewer crowds, taking a cruise with Seadream Yacht Club is a must. Their small luxury yachts sail with a small number of guests to keep all experiences more intimate and enjoyable. Their Yachting Land Adventures are planned for small groups to help travelers truly experience the local destination.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is yet another cruise line that likes to keep its excursion and tour groups small. Their Small Group Excursions are limited to 25 guests or fewer. They offer these tours in hopes to help travelers better connect with the destinations that they visit. 

Holland America

Holland America also offers excursions and tours that are planned for smaller group sizes. When you begin to consider your activity and tour options, look out for the journeys that are specifically marked as a small group tour. In addition to providing these experiences, Holland America prides itself in giving back to the local communities that they visit. 

Windstar Cruises

Cruising with Windstar Cruises is another excellent option if you prefer a more intimate travel experience. They set sail on small luxury cruise ships, and make sure to book only a limited amount of travelers for group excursions. Windstar Cruises also makes it a point to visit smaller ports, for a unique less-traveled experience. 

These are some of the best cruise lines that offer intimate, smaller tour experiences. Now you know which cruise line to book with for your upcoming trip! 

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