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Best Cruises to Take if You Like Arts and Crafts

Cruises have plenty of activities onboard to keep passengers entertained as they make their way to the next destination. While you may be familiar with cruise ships having pools, spas, gyms, and bars—you may not know that some cruise lines offer special classes and experiences onboard. Some companies even cater their programs to those who love arts and crafts. Do you want to cruise with a company that has art classes? Here are the best cruises to take if you’re into arts and crafts: 

Visit the Artist Loft When Cruising with Oceania Cruises

When you set sail with Oceania Cruises, you’ll have access to the Artist Loft. Here, artists-in-residence teach art classes and offer step-by-step instruction. Whether you wish to sketch, paint, or create another kind of masterpiece–the experts are ready to help guide you. This is available when you sail on the Marina or Riviera ships, or when you book an Insignia World Cruise. 

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Uniworld Cruises Offers Floating Art Workshops 

Uniworld, a boutique river cruising company, also caters to those who enjoy arts and crafts. Currently, they’re offering Floating Art Workshops. Here, travelers can learn from an expert artist as they make their way to the next destination. Artist Larry Aarons shows passengers how to create art in different ways in small, personalized classes. This is an excellent excuse to try your hand at a new skill or to improve your art skills. 

Take a Painting Class with Avalon Waterways

Taking a cruise with Avalon Waterways is another option. This cruise line offers its Active and Discovery journeys, where it focuses on providing a mix of activities and experiences to travelers. This is the perfect chance to explore personal interests. On their Active and Discovery 8 Day River Cruise from Amsterdam to Mainz, passengers can attend a painting class. 

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Set Sail with Princess Cruises and Explore Their Art Classes 

When you take a Princess Cruises cruise, you’ll also be able to dabble in art. Their Scholarship@Sea program aims to give passengers the chance to take home new skills and hobbies. The educational classes and programs are available on a mix of topics. Examples of art-focused classes include travel photography, pottery and ceramics, and water coloring. 

If you love arts and crafts or enjoy exploring new hobbies and interests, you’re going to love the art classes and programs available on cruise ships. You may find yourself making m

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