10 Free Apps to Download Before Your Next Cruise

Thanks to technology, organizing your cruise, saving money, and finding the best-hidden gems in port is a breeze. Whether you’re looking to find a WiFi spot in port or translate commonly used phrases, there’s an app for that. We’ve done the research, all you need to do is download these free apps before your cruise. The following apps are available for both Android and iOS.


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Let’s start with step one: packing. PackPoint organizes a custom packing list according to your destination, activities, length of stay, and weather. Your list even gets its own website so that you can share with other members in your party.


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TripIt consistently ranks as the best travel planning app. It’s an excellent resource for keeping all your itineraries, flights, and tickets, in one place. Once you forward your confirmation emails to TripIt, the app organizes the information into a master itinerary and will even send reminders on upcoming events.


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Voted the #1 cruise app, Shipmate is your cruise dashboard. Download it before your cruise and use the deck maps ahead of time to get familiar with the ship’s layout. Access excursions, itineraries, reviews, and more. Once you are in port, check reviews on the destination’s activities, restaurants, and shops. Not only does Shipmate provide information on almost all cruise ships, but it also gives you options on excursions, sends alerts on price drops, and lets you chat with other passengers.

WiFi Map

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While we all want to disconnect during our cruise, there are situations in which accessing the internet is essential. Download WiFi Map to find and obtain fast and free internet via a VPN secure connection. The app lets you discover more than 100,000,000 WiFi locations in more than 100 countries around the globe.

XE Currency Converter

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Not only will XE Currency Converter do the obvious, but the app lets you monitor your money, and even make transfers without any fees.

Google Translate

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By far, the most used language app, Google Translate lets you translate between 103 languages. Offline, the app will convert into 59 languages. Type or speak into the app for immediate translation. The coolest feature is the instant camera translation. Just point your camera at the sign and voila, instant translation.


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Whatsapp is a great, economical way to message while onboard and overseas. It uses little data, letting you communicate with friends and family for free. Share messages, photos, and even do voice and video calls, at no charge.


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Looking for the best local cuisine or quant coffee shop in port? TripAdvisor gives you a range of options in the category you select based on millions of reviews from travelers and locals.


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Avoid sticker shock at the end of your cruise by keeping track of your expenses with the Spendee. The app even lets you set a daily budget. It’s user-friendly and enables you to convert currency and save receipts with photos. If you don’t feel comfortable synching your bank, you have the option to enter information manually.

Flush Toilet Finder

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There’s nothing worse than searching for a public restroom in an unfamiliar locale. The Flush Toilet Finder App, shows the closet restroom. With more than 190,000 bathrooms, the app works without an internet connection. Thank goodness!

Hopefully, these handy apps will make your cruise that much better!

Holland America Launches Navigator App

Holland America is putting your cruise in the palm of your hand, literally. The company is taking the popular browser-based Navigator tool and turning it into a user-friendly, free app for mobile phones and tablets available for use on board ship. The app will let guests personalize their cruise, book experiences, and even chat with other guests while at sea or in port.

Download the Navigator app from the iTunes App or Google Play stores, and plan daily activities, explore and book shore excursions, view restaurant menus, make dining reservations, see spa treatments, check account statements and much more.

Gone are the days of carrying a bulky phone throughout the ship to talk to members of your party. With the app’s chat function, you can communicate with other guests while on board or at port.

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“The Navigator app makes it easy for our guests to personalize their cruise experience from anywhere on the ship — whether they want to make a reservation at a specialty restaurant, see what the evening entertainment is or create a daily schedule with reminder notifications,” said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president. “The most exciting function of Navigator is that it allows our guests to chat with each other for free, which makes it easy to stay connected and make plans with fellow travelers throughout the cruise.”

It’s easy to stay on task and organized with the app, even if you are on island time. Track reservations or excursions, even send reminders and alerts so you won’t miss a thing. Don’t worry if you forget to download the Navigator app before your cruise. Once on board, you can still download it free of charge without using internet minutes.

Stay tuned, in the coming months, Holland America Line will extend the app — currently only available to use during a guest’s cruise — to offer pre-voyage access. This way, guests can review available services and check out the interactive fleet map at any time before boarding the ship.

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