Our Favorite River Cruises in Egypt

If cruising the Nile River is on your bucket list, don’t miss the chance to take a river cruise around the historic sites and legendary markets of Egypt. Several luxury cruises offer relaxing journeys around the ruins of Ancient Nubia and educational experiences to the heart of Egypt. Here are some of our best picks for cruises in Egypt.

Viking River Cruises: Pharaohs & Pyramids Cruise

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Discover the magic and history of ancient Egypt with a guided journey around the pyramids and preserved temples. This 12-day Nile tour includes a journey through the capital city of Cairo where you can see monuments from 5,000 years ago. You’ll also get to see the Hundred-Gated City described by Greek poet Homer, and see some fo the ancient ruins and colonial hotels. The colorful markets of Aswan and the temple of the falcon-headed god Horus in Edfu are other highlights of this adventure.

Sanctuary Retreats: Luxury Nile Cruise

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Discover the artifacts and ruins of Luxor and enjoy a tase of Egyptian hospitality and service aboard this epic Nile cruise. The shores of the river are littered with tombs and temples that you can tour or sail by as you discover the history and legends of the area. You’ll get to visit Aswan, also known as the “Jewel of the Nile,” as well as many ruins along the way. Take your pick of sun boats, boutique ships, and private charters that offer the five-star experience no matter the destination.

Variety Cruises: Egypt, Jordan, Israel & the Red Sea

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Travel with an expert Egyptologist on board and on shore with this multi-destination cruise.  The trip includes a trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery, the Valley of Kings, and Luxor. The 8-day journey begins in Ain Sokhna, Egypt and takes you to Aqaba, Jordan for an unforgettable adventure aboard the Harmony G ship that can only take 44 guests on a voyage at a time.

If these cruises aren’t quite enough for you, remember to check out other river cruises in Africa for an amazing journey.

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