Must-Try Restaurants in European Ports

As you make your way through the best cities in Europe by cruise, you’re going to want to sample the best eats every step of the way. Here are some of our must-try restaurants in European ports.

Sa Vida: Ibiza, Spain

Credit: Sa Vida

The Island of Ibiza truly feels like paradise. It’s a hot destination full of things to see and do, but you’ll also want to make time to try the food. Sa Vida is an excellent restaurant choice. They mostly serve tapas here, so you’ll want to order several dishes to try. Favorite dishes include the ceviche and the creamy risotto. Be sure to try the cava sangria as well. When eating here, you’ll get to enjoy fabulous food at an affordable price.

L’Arôme: Marseille, France

Marseille is another great port city with plenty of favorite dining options. At L’Arôme, you’ll eat seasonal Mediterranean dishes and each plate is presented beautifully. The best part about this fantastic restaurant is that the menu changes often, so you know you’re getting fresh, unique creations. The menu features a set multiple course dining experience that you’re going to love.

Taberna Moderna: Lisbon, Portugal

Credit: Taberna Moderna

Not far at all from the Port of Lisbon, you’ll find Taberna Moderna. This modern restaurant serves up Portuguese and Spanish dishes. No matter what you pick to try, you can’t go wrong—but we suggest ordering the black risotto with shrimp and asparagus or the cod and cornbread. Taberna Moderna also has an impressive cocktail list.

Bacaro: Southampton, England

Southampton is a popular cruise port, so it’s quite likely you’ll be making your way here. This area has some excellent dining options. You’re going to want to enjoy a meal at Bacaro,—an Italian restaurant with a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Dishes focus on traditional Italian eats with a modern twist. The small plate servings make for the perfect opportunity to try more dishes and share with the whole table. Menu items change often, so you’ll be in for a treat when you see the daily menu during your travels.

Zum Bären: Frankfurt, Germany

Credit: Zum Bären

Finally, if you’ll be cruising to Frankfurt on your river cruise, this is a great city to sample some of the best German foods. Make a stop at Zum Bären and order a traditional dish like schnitzel, späetzle and sausages. This eatery also has several excellent vegetarian options, too. We suggest sitting outside on the cozy patio and don’t forget to order a German beer while you’re at it.

Be sure to visit some of these excellent restaurants while adventuring through the best cities and towns in Western Europe. You’ll have some delicious eats to look forward to as soon as you hop off the cruise ship.

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