A Sneak Peek Into Seabourn’s Newest Ship

Seabourn’s new ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ships are set to launch in June 2021 and May 2022 and we are able to get you the first glimpse of select public spaces onboard the new ships. The exquisitely designed Expedition Lounge, Discovery Center, Landing Zone and Atrium evoke a sense wonder for expedition travels. Aiming to capture the romanticism of early explorers, the design balances a sense of ruggedness with pristine luxury through elemental materials.

Design icon Adam D. Tihany, created the magnificent indoor and outdoor spaces on the two ships. “When you conjure up images of the ideal adventure trip, you would head out into the stunning wilderness for the day knowing that when you return a cozy, welcoming space filled with luxurious materials like leathers and rich woods that invites relaxation and conversation awaits you,” said Richard Meadows, Seabourn’s president. “Each of these newly designed spaces hits that note perfectly, leaving our guests wanting for nothing and giving them an inviting place to talk to fellow travelers each day about the incredible experiences they had, sharing memorable stories or viewing photos they took.”

Check out some of our favorite spaces.

Expedition Lounge

Credit: Seabourn

The Expedition Lounge creates an inviting space for guests to relax or linger with a complimentary cocktail or glass of fine wine from the bar. Custom furniture designed in a variety of warm, natural materials creates a welcoming atmosphere. As an ode to the adventurous, the Expedition Lounge features two large touchscreens displaying a wealth of information including photos, navigational charts, weather charts, and maps.

Discovery Center

Credit: Seabourn

The Discovery Center acts as the teaching & academic center for natural history and cultural programming in an environment spacious enough to accommodate all guests at one time. Each day, guests will visit this venue for insightful lectures, briefings, and Seabourn Conversations enrichment programming designed to help educate them throughout their expedition experience. The world-class 26-person expedition team of wilderness experts, scientists, historians and naturalists will deliver rich lectures on topics related to the region. Inspired by the compelling landscape of some of the expedition destinations, the Discovery Center incorporates the organic shapes of topography maps against the elegant curves of the plush custom seating.

Landing Zone

Credit: Seabourn

The launch and recovery point for landings, each of the two Landing Zones, allow guests to change and clean their gear in comfort while also providing space to store their rubber boots. The Landing Zone, commonly known as a mudroom, has been designed for extreme functionality and accessibility.  Its optimum location on the ship allows guests direct access to one of the 24 Zodiacs available for off-ship adventures. In tropical areas, the Landing Zones will also be used for snorkeling and similar activities, with storage space for fins and masks.

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