Insider Tips for Your Next Disney Cruise

From unadvertised pin trading nights to Mickey ice cream bars delivered right to your room, we are bringing you the magic with top-secret tips for sailing on the Disney Cruise.

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Prior to the cruise, purchase a plush toy or pillowcase. Upon boarding, give your item to the concierge for the characters to sign. Your autographed item will be delivered to your suite the night before you cruise ends. Bonus, bring a gift bag filled with Disney goodies to have the concierge put the signed merchandise in. The “unexpected” surprise makes for a great departure gift.

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Check the Personal Navigator, the daily cruise newsletter, for the Officer Pin Trading. On one surprise night, every officer comes to the main lobby with a new lanyard and a collection of pins, some very rare, to trade with collectors.

Download the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App. Rather than using the provided portable phones for getting in touch with family members on the ship or buying the pricy wireless package, the Navigator app allows for free in-app texting and group chats with fellow passengers.

For an adult escape, head to the Meridian Bar. While it’s not public knowledge, the Meridian bar, intended for Palo & Remy guests, is open to the public. Anyone can enjoy craft cocktails and fine wine on the private deck of the bar, but proper attire is required.

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Join a Fish Extender group online and be part of a gift exchange on the cruise. Purchase small items for everyone in your group prior to the cruise. On the cruise, place your gifts in the fish extender pockets hanging on cabin doors. Everyone in the group returns the gesture.

Disney allows each guest, 21 and older, to bring two bottles of unopened wine and six beers in their carry on. Don’t forget to bring a corkscrew. If you chose to drink your bottle at a restaurant, there is a $25 corkage fee.

The nightly buffet begins around 10:30 P.M. It’s a great place to grab chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and crackers, and other goodies to bring back to your cabin.

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Each Disney cruise ship has secret suites with ocean views and in some cases verandas. These suites are available for the same price as a standard room. Book early and ask about your options.

Disney Cruise Line
Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Book the concierge room and score some great swag! Besides access to the concierge lounge with complimentary beer wine cocktails and snacks, as well a champagne send-off and private wine tastings, concierge suite guests receive a special gift.

Disney Cruise Line
Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Room service is available free of charge (gratuity isn’t included). There are secret items available that are not shown on the menu; Mickey ice cream bars, the cake of the day and Uncrustables.

Regardless of which restaurant you are dining in, if there is a menu item from another restaurant on the ship that you simply must have again, you can order it! Just ask your server.

Disney Cruise Line
Credit:Disney Cruise Line

Remy and Palo are worth the splurge, but if you can’t fit in a dinner opt for the champagne brunch at Remy. For only $50 per person, it’s an epicurean wonderland.

Disney Cruise Line
Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Suitcases must be left in the hall the night before departure. Be sure to pack a carry on with everything you need for the next day.

Bring small bottles of water on your carry on. The bottled water on board is pricy, and you’re going to want some in your ports.

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