Luxury Times Two: PONANT Acquires Paul Gauguin

The world of luxury cruises has taken a thrilling turn with an exciting new acquisition. If you are a fan of the renowned French expedition cruise line PONANT, synonymous with sailing into the remote corners of the Polar regions, get ready to expand your bucket list. PONANT recently announced its plan to acquire Paul Gauguin Cruises, a leader in luxury cruises to the South Pacific. The all-inclusive m/s Paul Gauguin is explicitly designed to sail the shallow waters of the South Pacific. From Antartica to Tahiti, this acquisition takes luxurious sailing to new heights.

Credit: PONANT – Nathalie Michel

Similarities run deep between the two companies: fabulous itineraries, local onboard experts, gourmet cuisine, and bespoke amenities. After the acquisition, the two cruise lines will keep their individual management teams.

“We are pleased to welcome PAUL GAUGUIN CRUISES to our PONANT family,” noted Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée, Founder and President of PONANT. “Our guests can now select from a wider range of iconic destinations and become enriched by cultural and expedition cruises of their choice, that travel to the ends of the earth from the most remote ports to more perennial favorites, on our combined fleet of small ships. We share the same core values. The synergy between our operations makes this the perfect collaboration while preserving the unique DNA of both brand experiences.”

Credit:Paul Gauguin Cruises

The goal of the acquisition is to offer guests even more unique, small-ship encounters while continuing to provide authentic experiences and high-quality service.

But, that’s not all, PONANT continues to grow its fleet.

Navin Sawhney, CEO Americas for PONANT, added “PONANT is proud to be at the forefront of small-ship exploration. We are expanding our PONANT fleet to 14 ships by 2021.”

With three restaurants, a luxury spa, and our own watersports marina at your fingertips, as well as an attentive staff of 217, rest assured that your stay aboard The Gauguin is everything you want it to be and more.

So, whether you’re looking to get up close to orcas near the White Continent or dive into authentic Polynesian customs with visits to a local marae, a host of exciting opportunities are on the horizon.

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