More Perks With Celebrity Loyalty Program

Cruise line has overhauled Captain’s Club loyalty program

Celebrity Cruises recently changed up its Captain’s Club loyalty program, making it easier for members to earn additional perks and adding two elite levels.

Previously, the program had just four benefit levels, and its structure was based on the number of sailings accumulated by the member. For example, it took 10 credits to reach Elite status, which could be earned by taking a cruise, staying in a concierge-level suite, or taking a cruise of at least 12 nights.

With the changes, the system will be based on cabin category, multiplied by cruise nights. So, for instance, an interior cabin earns two points, while a penthouse suite is worth 18 points. On a seven-night cruise, the total points accumulated would be 14 for the interior cabin and 126 for the penthouse suite.

Celebrity is also adding two more tiers to the system’s structure, Elite Plus and Zenith, which require more points and offer additional perks. Some existing Elite members will automatically be enrolled in Elite Plus, though very few members will initially graduate to Zenith. No one will go backward in status due to the system changes.

For Elite status, members will have to reach 300 points, while Elite Plus requires 750 points, and Zenith will start at 3,000 points. At the Zenith level, perks include 1,600 Internet minutes and included laundry service.

The program will have no fees, and points will never expire. Status level will be indicated by Sea Pass card color.

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