The Best Time of Year to Go on a Hawaiian Cruise

A cruise to Hawaii could be just what you need to make the most of vacation time and enjoy some new experiences. If you’re ready to pack your bags for a tropical adventure, just make sure you’re picking the right time of year to head off on your voyage to the islands. Even though Hawaii’s climate stays the same year round, there are a few times a year that are worth planning your trip around.

Avoid the Summer Months

If you’re not a fan of humidity, avoid the summer months for your cruise vacation. Even though you’ll get plenty of sun, it can be overly hot and humid on deck and as you head out to explore the islands. You’ll enjoy calmer waters and more comfortable temperatures right after summer ends. This is also a popular time to make your way to the Oahu North Shore and other top surfing destinations because the beaches tend to be less crowded. 

Consider High and Low Season

When you’re booking a flight along with your cruise to Hawaii, you’ll need to consider high season and low season rates. Flights and hotels tend to be much more expensive during the late winter and early spring months when more people are trying to get away from colder weather. If your cruise is departing during this season, you might have a hard time finding a great deal on flights and hotels to a port. 

Take into Account Seasonal Activities

One of the benefits of going on a cruise to Hawaii is the wealth of offshore excursions. If you plan your visit during November through May, you’ll get the chance to see humpback whales on a whale watching tour — or even right from the cruise ship. Many festivals and events are held during this time of year which means you can enjoy some cultural activities and events during your visit. Take some time to find out what events are happening on the islands and what type of weather you are most comfortable traveling in to choose the right cruise.

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