A Hawaii Cruise to Island Paradise

Authentic exploration by private yacht on a Hawaii Islands cruise

The Hawaiian Islands are paradise defined, from dramatic volcanic cliffs and cascading waterfalls to palm-fringed, soft-sand beaches fronting endless surf. Travelers on a Hawaii cruise will discover tropical richness, see playful marine life up close, talk with locals, and uncover island treasures. For an intimate peek into this island paradise, Un-Cruise Adventures sails its 36-guest yacht – the Safari Explorer – on an exciting itinerary designed to see the islands from a fresh perspective.

For a taste of authentic, undeveloped Hawaii, Moloka?i offers cathedral valleys, soaring sea cliffs, and ancient secrets. It’s a magical place, where tourism is minimal and where locals maintain ancient traditions. You’ll take lessons in poi making and taro patches, “talk story” with locals, learn about the island’s history at the Moloka?i Museum, and soak in island sounds at a home-style Hawaiian jam session. On a hike through historic Halawa Valley, a dazzling natural wonderland unfolds, filled with breathtaking vistas and towering waterfalls.
[–articleimage id=”1573-4″ –]Lana?i
Called the Pineapple Island, Lana?i almost feels otherworldly, as if time stopped. Luxury cruise visitors to this small island will find no shopping malls, traffic lights, or public transportation. Awe-inspiring 1,000-foot sea cliffs ring the shore, while offshore ancient volcanic plugs hosts a colorful variety of marine life. You can explore this aquatic paradise by snorkeling, in a kayak, on paddle board, or in a skiff. On land, you’ll hike to the island’s spatter and cinder cone or head to the Lana?i Culture and Heritage Center and learn about the island’s plantation days.

Idyllic Maui oozes Hawaiian Islands cruise paradise, a dreamy fantasy spot with miles of pristine beaches, historic villages, and lush green valleys. On your visit to the “Valley Isle” – so named for its two volcanic mountains and the immense valleys that lie between them – you’ll visit Olowalu, an ancient place of refuge, and snorkel over colorful coral gardens teaming with underwater life. You’ll take a cruise through the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary – between Lana?i, Moloka?i, and Maui – to see dolphins, whales, and other marine life. You’ll also tour the historic town of Lahaina and take a turn paddling a traditional outrigger canoe.

[–articleimage id=”1573-3″ –]Hawai?i, the Big Island
The Big Island certainly lives up to its moniker with a bounty of natural wonders. It’s home to Mauna Key, the tallest sea-mountain in the world; Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano; and Mauna Loa, the largest volcano in the world. It’s also home to unmatched natural beauty, from long white-sand beaches and crystal-clear bays to rainforests, waterfalls, exotic flowers, and birds. While your luxury cruise ship is docked, you’ll spend a morning snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking Honomalino Bay, communing with colorful array of sea life. An evening snorkeling excursion will give you a thrilling glimpse of Giant Pacific Manta rays. On land, take a leisurely stroll through historic Kailua-Kona, a quaint seaside town filled with shops, open-air restaurants, and its world-famous Kona coffee.

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