Maritime Marvels in Halifax

Food, culture, sightseeing – it’s all about the ocean in Noval Scotia’s capital

Visit Halifax, Novia Scotia at the beginning of October to see the city’s marvelous fall foliage at its peak.
Built around a huge natural harbor, Halifax is a city defined by the ubiquitous presence of the Atlantic Ocean. Shore excursions in Nova Scotia’s capital offer a diverse range of culture, sightseeing, and activity options, but whatever you do, you’re sure to feel a connection with the water all around. What more could a luxury cruiser ask for?
City Sightseeing
Halifax is a perfect city for a walking tour. Start out at the historic Citadel (originally built to defend against sea attackers), where visitors can see the elaborate Town Clock, watch the 78th Highlanders drill, and see the ritual firing of the Noon Gun. A scenic stroll along the waterfront boardwalk is also recommended, as it winds through the Historic Properties and ends near the Seaport Farmers Market. Meantime, plenty of waterfront restaurants and pubs will certainly entice you to linger along the way.

For some of the best views of the city, take a ride on the Bluenose II or a commuter ferry – the scenery from the water is spectacular! If you’re more in the mood for flora and fauna, visit the Halifax Public Gardens – dating back to the mid-19th century – for 17 sprawling acres of greenery.

Cultural Halifax Attractions
Immerse yourself in nautical heritage at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, partially housed in an old ship’s chandlery. The must-see event here is an impressive collection of items recovered from the Titanic, while other exhibits of shipwreck artifacts are also displayed. For more historical discovery, the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 is worth a visit. Interested parties can also head to the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Mount Olivet, and Baron de Hirsch, where the victims of the Titanic wreck are buried.

Memorable Meals
It should come as no surprise that seafood is king in Nova Scotia, and some of the particular specialties include mussels, Digby scallops, and year-round fresh lobster. To take part in Atlantic Canada tradition, try a communal lobster supper in the summer – The Shore Club has been serving them up since 1946. Five Fishermen Restaurant and Grill is another landmark eatery, with a fine dining area on the upper level that offers quality seafood and an extensive wine cellar. For historical atmosphere, you can’t beat The Press Gang, housed in a building from 1759 – be sure to sample the oysters.

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