Huatulco: A Beach Lover’s Mexico Port

Created for tourism and ecological preservation, Huatulco is home to beautiful bays and golden beaches

Huatulco, Mexico offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.
One of Mexico’s newest resorts, Huatulco, was created to balance high-end tourism with ecological preservation – about 60% of the municipality was set aside as a reserve. The result is a tourism-oriented destination (minus the overdevelopment and rowdy crowds) with nine bays and 36 beaches.

Start Relaxing
Huatulco’s beautiful beaches cover 22 miles, making this destination popular with cruise ships as a relaxing stop in an idyllic setting. Much of the water around the beaches is filled with coral reefs, underwater grottos, and canyons filled with tropical fish, giving travelers myriad opportunities to enjoy the ocean and its inhabitants. If you’re looking for a place in Mexico to indulge in relaxation and seclusion, this is a great one.

Other Activities
For more active-minded cruisers, Huatulco offers watersports, excursions to nearby coffee plantations, and a vast subtropical forest reserve. Visitors can also wander through five culturally distinct neighborhoods, or stroll La Crucecita to browse the shops or grab a bite to eat.

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