The Treasures of Naples

Find luxury, ancient history, and fabulous food in Naples, Italy

In Naples, Italy, be sure to try the street food, especially arancini, or fried risotto balls.
Though Naples doesn’t offer the typical charming ambiance that Italy is famous for, the city offers countless historic sites, luxurious shopping and fine dining, and amazing surroundings.

Historic Sites
Located in the Campania region, Naples can be a base to explore its famous surroundings, including the preserved cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the Amalfi Coast, or the island of Capri. Within the city, historic and cultural sites are all around – stop in at the National Archaeological Museum, which is one of the best in the world, or visit the Museo di Capodimonte’s stunning collection of art. Be sure to visit a few of the city’s churches as well, which may appear unremarkable, but house impressive art and history.

Other Highlights
Home to some of the best food in Italy, must-sample delicacies range from simple espresso and biscotti to seafood pastas and, of course, true Neapolitan pizza. Order a whole pie for yourself – the crust is thin and it’s so delicious you’ll want to finish it on your own. For shopping, wander from the Via Chiaia to Piazza dei Martiri, where designer brands are all around.

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