Awe and Wonder in Athens

Ancient and modern sights sure to enthrall luxury cruise visitors

In Athens, try ouzo (a traditional alcohol), as well as baklava and other pastries made with phyllo dough.
Democracy, Western civilization, philosophy – we owe a lot to ancient Greece. A stop in Athens is a must for any Mediterranean traveler, and when you step off your cruise ship into port, you’re sure to be amazed at the wonders that await you.

Ancient Athens Attractions
If you only do one thing in Athens, visit the Acropolis. Exploring one of the oldest sites in Greece is an awe-inspiring experience – whether it’s your first time or a repeat visit. Noteworthy structures include the Parthenon, the temple of Athena Nike, and the Erechtheion Temple. At the nearby Acropolis Museum, visitors can see portable items removed from the site.

From the Acropolis, it’s also possible to visit the Agora, which served as the center of city life, as well as the Roman Forum, the Tower of the Winds, Hadrian’s Arch, and the Temple of Zeus. Watch the changing of the guard at the Parliament in Syntagma Square, and rest inside the beautiful garden of the Zappeion. For stunning views of the city, the Hill of Philopappou is an excellent choice.

More Things to Do in Athens
For more Athenian culture, spend time at some of the city’s great museums. The National Archeological Museum is a treasure trove of Greek art and artifacts, while the Benaki Museum houses an impressive collection of both classic and modern Greek art and other ancient treasures. If you have the time for a day trip, head to Cape Sounion to watch the amazing sunset, or spend a day cruising around the Saronic Islands.

Must-Eat Meals
There are too many Greek specialties worth tasting to name them all, but a few include moussaka (lamb and eggplant in sauce), spanakopita (spinach pie), stifado (braised beef), tiropita (cheese pie), and chtapodi (octopus salad). Daphne’s Restaurant – located in a restored mansion from the 1830s – has an impeccable reputation, and has served the likes of Hillary Clinton and the Queen of Spain. Taste the Greek haute cuisine of a Michelin-starred chef at Hytra, or sample authentic Cretan cuisine at Katsourbos. For something truly memorable, enjoy a meal at Orizontes Kykavittou, where the dramatic views are as stunning as the menu.

It’s hard to beat a luxury cruise stop in Athens – find your sailing here.

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