Our Favorite Excursions in Central America


Central America’s tropical climate and contrasting landscapes create an environment for rare species of plants and animals to thrive in. Here are three of our favorite excursions to explore these unique places.

Shore Excursioneer-Roatan, Honduras

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The Roatan Private Customized Boat Charter Excursion is ideal for small groups and families. Aboard The Sea Fox, guests can choose one, some, or all of the following options: cruise the coast, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and the option to explore a secluded beach. Onshore, there are shipwrecks, mangrove forests, and an Iguana farm. At sea, tropical fish, lobsters, conch, and a friendly barracuda. The “Roatan Zipline, Monkey and Sloth, Snorkel, and Beach Break Excursion” entertains all ages. Guests begin the day with an hour-long zip-lining experience across twenty-four platforms through the jungle. Next, a visit to French Cay’s Monkey and Sloth Park featuring monkeys, sloths, macaws, parrots, island raccoons, and island rabbits. Then, a snorkel adventure around the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef to discover the abundant marine life. Finally, wind down at the Las Palmas Beach Club, take a swim, enjoy a drink, and grab a snack.

Shore Excursions Group-Costa Rica

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The Puntarenas Area Tour is an excursion out and around the central pacific’s largest city. A guided nature walk provides panoramic ocean views, fresh tropical fruits, and sightings of the local monkeys, anteaters, lizards, and birds. After the nature walk, take a one-hour boat ride down the Tarcles River and witness the giant American Crocodiles in their natural habitat. The boat ride ends at the El Juardin souvenir shop and restaurant which is followed by a visit to Puntarenas for shopping, seafood, and beaches. The Wagon River Crossing in the Rainforest and Crocodile Safari is a one of a kind experience. After an hour ride through Costa Rica’s countryside filled with mango, coffee, and sugar plantations you arrive at Carara National Park. Here, you climb aboard an open-air wagon pulled by a tractor and venture deep into the Tarcolitos River Canyon crossing the river eight times while learning about the varieties of local birds and trees. One stop for a dip in a crystal clear natural pool before making your way to the boat tour. The riverboat provides rare wildlife sightings of aquatic birds and scarlet macaws as well as crocodiles and howler monkeys.

Port Promotions-Colon, Panama

San_Lorenzo_Fort Panama
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The Chagres River, Waterfall, Embera Indian Village, And Canal: Gutan Locks offers a vast cultural experience. First, a visit to the Panama Canal, one of the most significant engineering feats in the world. Enjoy a brief informational presentation about the canal’s construction before moving to a canoe and traveling to an ancient village. The Embera culture has remained unchanged since 1492 and guests are welcomed into experience and learn about their way of life. Continuing on in the canoe, you arrive at a small trail into the jungle and, after a twenty-minute hike, enjoy the majestic waterfall and its natural swimming pool. Stop for lunch in the village on the way back to your cruise ship and shop the handcrafted souvenirs. The Rainforest Birds, Monkeys, San Lorenzo Fort, and Gutan Locks excursion takes you behind the scenes of the canal. Begin the tour by crossing the canal by bridge to capture a rare view of the locks most tourists do not have the opportunity to see. Observe supertanker ships passing through the locks within arms reach. Next, make your way through a jungle filled with exotic birds and monkeys to the ruins of San Lorenzo Fort. The fort is known as, “Guard of the Chagres” and has the original cannons still standing on the grounds. San Lorenzo was once an active fort housing over 300 soldiers who fought off attacks by the Pirates of the Caribbean.

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