Our Favorite Activities in Central America

Whether you’re cruising off to Costa Rica or heading to Nicaragua for a few days, make the most of your experience by adding some fun excursions and activities to your itinerary. You can learn a lot about local culture, history and customs with a day trip around destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Colon. Here are some of our favorite activities to enjoy in Central America.

Ensenada Boat Diving Experience

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You’ll be spending most of your trip cruising above water and might even enjoy a swim in the water or pool. Be sure to take a break with a diving experience or two to discover the underwater paradise around Ensenada. You’ll go on a guided tour of the Pacific Ocean to see the coral reefs and marine life firsthand. This can be a fun way to break away from the usual shore excursions and try something new.

Cartagena City Tour

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Discover the historic sites and unique attractions around Cartagena Bay with a guided city tour. This type of tour will take you to the Las Bovedas, Manga Island, and the infamous Palace of the Inquisition, a Baroque-style palace that was used in the Spanish Inquisition. You’ll learn about the rich history and legends of the city with an experienced tour guide. 

All Terrain Adventure in Cabo San Lucas

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ATV tours and off-roading excursions are a popular activity around Cabo San Lucas. You can enjoy desert and ocean experiences on one trip as you trek through the mountains, canyons, and rugged terrain beyond the rainforests of Cabo. Most of these excursions are half-day tours that can take you to sites around the Migrino, Half Moon Canyon and La Candelaria, an indigenous village. Some tours include dining at a Mexican restaurant or other local eateries to round out your experience.

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