Colon Port Guide

Tips for visiting this Panama port of call

Colon, Panama is a port where cruisers should opt for guided excursions instead of exploring on their own, due to crime in the area.
The port of Colon, Panama is currently more commercial than tourist-focused, though a refurbishment program is in the works. However, Colon makes a great jumping off point for visiting notable attractions in the area.

Modern Marvels and Historic Sites
One popular activity from Colon is a visit to see the Gatun Locks of the canal – a modern marvel of engineering where visitors can view the passage of ships. For some local history, cruisers can explore Fort San Lorenzo, a colonial fortress that was designed to protect Panama from pirates, or visit the Panama Railroad.

Wildlife Viewing
Lake Gatun, which was the largest manmade lake in the world when it was constructed in 1906-1914, is surrounded by rainforest that offers prime wildlife viewing by boat, as well as great opportunities for bass fishing. The village of Achiote is another destination for nature enthusiasts, known for its world-class bird watching.

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