A Cruiser’s Take on Panama City

Drop anchor and explore ruins, manmade marvels, and rainforests from Panama City

Panama City’s El Churrillo district (adjoined to Casco de Viejo) is one neighborhood visitors would do best to avoid.
The capital and largest city in Panama, Panama City is a highly varied port of call for cruisers to explore. From witnessing the Panama Canal in action to visiting ruins and rainforests, these attractions have the most to offer travelers docked at the Fuerte Amador cruise port.

City Attractions
Explore the past in Panama City with a trip to the 16th-century settlement of Panama la Vieja, the ruins of the original city. Next on the list is the Spanish-colonial capital of Casco Viejo, a historic quarter filled with French influence, churches, and museums. Panama’s cultural traditions and national treasures can also be seen at some of the city’s top museums, including the National Museum of Anthropology and the Interoceanic Canal Museum.

From the Port
Clearly, one of the main attractions here is the Panama Canal. Take a trip to see the engineering marvel in action, at the Miraflores Locks or the Gatun Locks. Another excursion option out of Panama City is a trip to the rainforest surrounding the city. The Gamboa Aerial Tram offers visitors unparalleled views and wildlife encounters with monkeys, birds, and other animals from the air, while jungle boat cruise of Gatun Lake takes you to the water to see exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery. For especially unique excursions, some cruises offer trips to traditional Indian villages or the chance to ride the historic Panama Canal Railway.

Where to Eat

Casco Viejo offers some of the best places to eat in all of Panama City, so it’s a good place to stop for a meal. The Buena Vista and El Cangrejo districts also host a large number of fine restaurants.

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