The Most Exciting Adventures in Cuba


Cuba is one of the most popular Caribbean Cruise destinations and offers endless activities for visitors. Here are five of our favorites.


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Kayak tours and opportunities are available throughout Cuba and offer a variety of waters to explore. The Caribbean sea is known for having one of the healthiest coral reef ecosystems in the world and can be enjoyed from the surface while kayaking Cuba’s coastlines. Leaping crocodiles, bat-eating boa’s, miniature frogs, and the world’s smallest hummingbird can be seen during mountain lake kayaking adventures.

Scuba Diving

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The Jardines de la Reina is a remote group of islands in Cuba limiting its visitors to 1,200 per year. The area is known worldwide as one of the top sites for shark diving. Visitors are able to swim among nurse, reef, whale, hammerhead, leopard, and bull sharks as well as a variety of tropical fish. The barrier reef is the third largest in the world and has a ninety mile long Natural Marine Park prohibited from commercial fishing and full of brightly colored corals and sponges. Seventeenth century Spanish Galleon shipwrecks lie at the bottom of the park, which is a can’t-miss.

Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humbolt

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A visit to this wildlife paradise is a truly unique experience due to the many species of “Cuban only” animals living in the park. Over half of the wildlife in Cuba is native to the island and not found anywhere else in the world. The Cuban Solenodon takes up residence in the park along with a variety of parrots, hummingbirds, and lizards. A lush forest covers most of the area and several rivers run through the park providing ample outdoor exploration options.

Wild West tour to Vinales

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Take a horseback ride through the secluded Palmorito Valley. There are multiple caves to explore full of ancient ocean fossils as well as cave pools to swim in. Climb the “mogotes,” (gigantic limestone domes) with over 250 rock climbing routes. Vainales itself is a small village “stuck in time” where the locals use vintage bicycles, classic cars, and horses to get around. The village is full of restaraunts, bars, and live music but is almost never over crowded.

Island Bicycling Tour

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As a popular mode of transportation on the island, bicycles also provide an opportunity for exploration and sightseeing. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and has many picturesque landscapes sought after by the world’s photographers. While biking the island, visitors have the chance to interact with locals and experience island culture that they miss when limited to the traditional tourist spots.

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