Our Favorite Caribbean Excursions

The Caribbean cruise ports are always buzzing with activity and you’ll find several destinations that provide some amazing excursions and unique experiences. Whether you find yourself in Barbados or Cozumel, step out of your comfort zone to enjoy some water activities and adventures in new territory. Here’s where you’ll find some of our favorite excursions in the Caribbean.

Swimming with Sea Turtles in St. Thomas

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The U.S. Virgin Islands are a haven for sea turtles and other beautiful creatures, many of which end up trotting along the sands after a long swim. If you want to go swimming with the turtles, you can head out on a snorkeling trip in St. Thomas to see all types of sea life up close. This can be a fun excursion for the entire family and you’ll find other fun water activities, including boating and fishing, across the island.

Visiting Stingray City in Grand Cayman

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When you’re heading to the Cayman Islands, make sure to take a boat ride out to Grand Cayman so you can see the giant stingrays swimming in the clear blue waters. The stingrays around Stingray City are used to being fed and played with so they’ll swim right up to you if you jump in the water. Just hop aboard a boat tour to learn more about marine life around these waters and meet some stingrays firsthand!

Swimming with the Sharks in Belize

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If you end up in Belize in June through September, you’ll get to see whale sharks ups close. Many whale shark swimming excursions depart from Riviera Maya and take you on an exciting excursion to Belize. You’ll get to watch the sharks feed on plankton and see them swim around the boat along your mini voyage. Go ahead and jump in the water to get up close and personal with the largest fish in the world.

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