Island Life on Tahiti

This island is home to the only real city in French Polynesia, along with all the charms of South Pacific life

Divers on Tahiti should visit The Wreck, where tropical fish swim around a sunken cargo ship.
For cruisers, Tahiti is often the jumping off point to a South Pacific cruise, as it’s home to the international airport and the only real city in French Polynesia. With more activities and attractions than the neighboring islands, Tahiti is worth a thorough exploration.

The port city offers a more cosmopolitan feel than the other Society Islands, filled with sidewalk cafes, a busy market, active nightlife, and chic boutiques selling jewelry and crafts. The port is located along a waterfront esplanade with an atmosphere similar to the French Riviera. Be sure to visit the main market, Marche du Papeete, for a taste of local island life.

Around the Island
Island attractions include the Arahoho Blowhole, Trois Cascade (three waterfalls), the Gauguin Museum, black sand beaches, and a black pearl museum. If you have the time, head to Tahiti Iti, the smaller section of the island, which boasts a luscious, mountainous landscape.

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