The Best Time of Year to Cruise to Alaska

The Alaska cruise season is only five months long so you need to plan ahead if you’re planning a trip to these beautiful lands this year. However, there are a few months during this five-month timespan that are better than others. Whether you’re interested in exploring local wildlife, discovering the glaciers in the gulf, or want to venture through the inside passages in a sheltered waterway, you’ll need to choose from a few months of the year for your adventure. 

For the Midnight Sun: June-August

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The warmest months in Alaska are between mid-June and mid-August. So if you’re one of the many travelers who head to Alaska to see the Midnight Sun, make sure you travel during these months. The Midnight Sun only occurs three weeks before or after the summer solstice. 

For the Best Prices: May and September

May and September are considered to be the shoulder season Alaska so these are the times where you’ll find fewer crowds and lower prices on cruises. However, you may not have access to all the activities you want to enjoy if you travel only during these months. And make sure to pack a heavy jacket as it does start getting colder!

For the Wildlife: May, June and July

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If you’re interested in a wildlife adventure on your Alaska cruise, the best times to book a cruise will be in late May and early June. However, you’ll run into more bears in late June and early July. If touring the national park is on your agenda, make sure to wait until June because the park is closed through May.

For the Foliage: Early Fall

Picking berries in the summertime is a popular activity but the best times to do this are in the late summer and early fall months. Fall is also a great time to enjoy the foliage and not worry about bugs.

For the Northern Lights: Late Fall and Late Winter

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If you’re looking forward to seeing the spectacular Aurora Borealis, you’ll need to be out there by the second week fo September or during the late winter months.

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