Spectacular Sitka

Explore the stunning setting, National Historic Landmarks, and abundant wildlife of Sitka, Alaska

Be on deck as your ship sails into Sitka Sound for some of the best views of the picturesque town of Sitka, Alaska.
Sitka, Alaska has so many different facets that it’s hard to decide how to spend your time here. Located in a peaceful bay on Baranof Island and presided over by Mount Edgecumbe, the town’s stunning surroundings set the scene for an abundance of historical attractions and opportunities to interact with wildlife.

History Lives in Sitka
The town of Sitka has a rich history influenced by the presence of Alaska Native, Russian, and early U.S. cultures during different eras. Today, Sitka is home to 24 listings on the National Register of Historic Places, including seven National Historic Landmarks. Some of the highlights include St. Michael’s Cathedral, Castle Hill, and Russian Bishop’s House. A walking tour around downtown is a good way to explore Sitka’s history, and be sure to visit the Sitka National Historic Park.

Nature and Wildlife
Sitka’s wildlife is not to be missed – just a few of the species that call this area home include humpback whales, brown bears, sea otters, thousands of sea birds, and black-tailed deer. Rare birds such as the rhinoceros auklet and tufted puffin can be seen at St. Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge, while boat tours offer up-close access to whale watching and other adventures with wildlife.

Dining Around Town
A local favorite for grilled steaks and seafood is The Channel Club – the king crab and prime rib specials are a must. For a fabulous breakfast or lunchtime sandwiches and salads, Victoria’s is always a good bet.

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