Expand Your Horizons with a Cruise on the Baltic Sea

If you are intrigued by world policy, foreign affairs, and current events, imagine taking a luxury vacation with leading thinkers and policymakers. Now envision sailing to some of the most historical cities in the world with your new friends. All of this is possible with PONANT’s World Affair Cruise. Sail the soon-to-launch luxury EXPLORER yacht, Le Dumont d’Urville in August 2020, for an up-close look through history.

Credit: PONANT

The Baltic cruise begins in Stockholm and sails along historical cities that edge the Baltic Sea. Matching the captivating itinerary is equally fascinating onboard experiences featuring lectures and discussions. You’ll hear from former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Admiral James Stavridis; former Ambassador to Russia and current President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, William Burns; and journalist and author Robin Wright, staff writer for the New Yorker and author of more than half a dozen award-winning books on international security matters.

Tallin, Estonia Credit: Shuterstock

These dynamic speakers add an abundance of insight into cultural destinations like St. Petersburg, where most of the city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Journey to other important ports of calls such as Helsinki, brimming with modern architecture and Tallinn in Estonia, one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Venture on to Gotland, the largest island in the Baltic Sea where you will explore the medieval town of Visby, once a stronghold of the Hanseatic League.  That is then followed by a private choral performance and reception at the St. Clemens Church Ruin. Before concluding in Copenhagen, you’ll visit Szczecin, the city in Poland that was nearly destroyed during World War II but has since been completely rebuilt.

Credit: PONANT

The excitement of amazing ports extends onboard the fourth ship in PONANT’s new EXPLORER series, Le Dumont d’Urville. The 92 room luxury yacht,  embodies elegance. Blending refinement and comfort, staterooms feature balconies and spacious living accommodations. Lounge areas open to the outside, for a full immersion into your beautiful surroundings.

Le Bougainville, Credit: PONANT

If the August sailing date doesn’t fit into your schedule, PONANT offers another option. Le Bougainville’s World Affairs cruise takes place from October 11 to 18, 2019. This ship travels to the heart of the ancient Greek World.  Fareed Zakaria, CNN Host, and Washington Post columnist; Michael V. Hayden, retired US Air Force general and former Director of the CIA; and Daniel Mendelsohn, internationally best-selling author, and classicist will accompany the cruise for in-depth discussions and personal interactions.

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