Adventure in Tonga with Paul Gauguin Cruises

With Paul Gauguin Cruises 2023 itineraries you’ll get to explore an island of paradise, and you’ll have many unique excursions available so that you can get a look at an authentic tropical local life.

During 12 and 13 night Fiji, Tonga, Cook & Society Islands voyage, you’ll be able to experience a myriad of excursions:

Ene’ io Tongan Feast: If you enjoy trying local foods when visiting new places, you’re going to want to take part in this unique excursion. You’ll enjoy local foods and desserts while watching local performers dance. Menu items include seasonal tropical fruits, roast suckling pig, chicken, and fish.

Polynesian Cultural Show: This experience will take place at the Eneio Botanical Garden. Here you’ll get to learn all about Polynesian culture and the conservation of the local plants. Some demonstrations include making clothing out of bark, jewelry creation from pandanus leaves, and the production of essence from vanilla beans.

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Swallow Cave and Island Getaway: For those looking for a bit of an escape, this excursion will take you to the island of Kapa. Here you’ll get to enjoy the Swallow’s Cave and if weather permits, you can visit inside the cave. You’ll also get to spend some time at the incredible Falevai Mui Houma Beach.

Beach Combing and Snorkeling: On this adventure, you’ll head to the Tongan Beach Resort where you can enjoy sun, sand, and relaxation! You’ll have two hours to relax and can snorkel to see the local sea life.

These are just some of the current excursion offerings available while at the port of Vava’ua, Tonga. You can check out a full list of offerings here. If you want to book a cruise that visits Tonga, book a 2023 Fiji, Tonga, Cook & Society Islands cruise

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