Holland America Launches Navigator App

Holland America is putting your cruise in the palm of your hand, literally. The company is taking the popular browser-based Navigator tool and turning it into a user-friendly, free app for mobile phones and tablets available for use on board ship. The app will let guests personalize their cruise, book experiences, and even chat with other guests while at sea or in port.

Download the Navigator app from the iTunes App or Google Play stores, and plan daily activities, explore and book shore excursions, view restaurant menus, make dining reservations, see spa treatments, check account statements and much more.

Gone are the days of carrying a bulky phone throughout the ship to talk to members of your party. With the app’s chat function, you can communicate with other guests while on board or at port.

Credit: Holland America Line

“The Navigator app makes it easy for our guests to personalize their cruise experience from anywhere on the ship — whether they want to make a reservation at a specialty restaurant, see what the evening entertainment is or create a daily schedule with reminder notifications,” said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president. “The most exciting function of Navigator is that it allows our guests to chat with each other for free, which makes it easy to stay connected and make plans with fellow travelers throughout the cruise.”

It’s easy to stay on task and organized with the app, even if you are on island time. Track reservations or excursions, even send reminders and alerts so you won’t miss a thing. Don’t worry if you forget to download the Navigator app before your cruise. Once on board, you can still download it free of charge without using internet minutes.

Stay tuned, in the coming months, Holland America Line will extend the app — currently only available to use during a guest’s cruise — to offer pre-voyage access. This way, guests can review available services and check out the interactive fleet map at any time before boarding the ship.

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