Cruise Ships With Lifeguards

Considering cruising is extremely water-centric, you would think that lifeguards aboard ships would be standard practice. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. If you want to put your mind at ease, especially when traveling with small children, consider sailing these cruise lines, all of which have lifeguards onboard.

Disney Cruise Lines

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney cruise lines added lifeguards fleetwide in 2013. Lifeguards are on duty at the family pools during regular operating hours. During busy hours multiple lifeguards are stationed throughout the pool area for safety and to minimize risks to swimmers by enforcing rules.  In addition to lifeguards, life jackets are also available. 

Norweigan Cruise Line

Credit: Norwegian

In 2018, Norwegian Cruise Line added lifeguards to family pools across their fleet stating that while parents are always the first line of supervision when it comes to water safety, it’s essential to provided added measures. Norweigan also offers swim vests for both adults and children near towel stations on the ships pool deck.

Royal Caribbean


It’s safety first on Royal Caribbean where lifeguards, enhanced signage, and swim vests add levels of protection to every pool on board. The fleet’s lifeguards are trained and certified by StarGuard Elite, an industry leader in water risk prevention. Swim vests are also available at towel stations on every ship, in every class. To educate children and adults on water safety, fun programs are offered, as well as swim lessons provided by trained lifeguards onboard select ships.

If you choose a cruise line that does not have lifeguards onboard, here are a few tips to keep your children safe while at sea.

Water Safety Tips While Cruising

Follow the American Red Cross’ Circle of Drowning Prevention: Have adults designate a “watcher” who does nothing but monitor the kids in the water for a set amount of time.

Teach your children to swim before going on a water vacation.

Have inexperienced swimmers wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket.

Always swim with a buddy.

Parents, learn CPR. The amount of time you administer CPR before medics arriving could save a life.

Download the Swim by American Red Cross App. This app teaches water safety through fun games and videos.



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