The World’s Best Beaches to Visit While on a Cruise

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Arguably one of the best parts about taking a cruise is visiting incredible beaches. Many itineraries feature amazing beach spots all over the globe. Spending time enjoying the sun and sand is a perfect way to relax and take in gorgeous scenery. Check out the world’s best beaches to visit while on a cruise.

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Seven Mile Beach: Grand Cayman

When spending time exploring Grand Cayman island, a visit to Seven Mile Beach is a must! As the name suggests, this beach stretches on for miles and offers views of the breathtaking crystal clear waters and white sand. This is an idyllic spot to sit and catch some sun or take a stroll along the beach. If you’re looking for a bite to eat, there are many restaurants and bar options here. Be sure to order some slow-roasted jerk chicken at one of the food carts.

Governor’s Beach: Turks and Caicos

For those wanting to visit the Turks and Caicos Islands, Governor’s Beach is a stunning beach. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon off the cruise ship. You can walk or rent a golf cart to get here. It’s known for its gorgeous turquoise waters. While the sand is a bit rockier than other beaches, it’s an excellent spot for incredible picturesque photos and water activities like snorkeling — the marine life is beautiful. And when you to cool off with a drink, head to Jacks Shack Beach Bar for some cocktails.

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Bellevue Beach: Croatia

If you’re going on a cruise to Croatia, a visit to Bellevue Beach is worth your time. Not far from the Old Town of Dubrovnik, it’s a smaller beach surrounded by cliffs and caves. This is a gorgeous pebble beach with crystal clear water, and it’s a popular place to go swimming. The best part about relaxing at this beach is that it’s rarely crowded. It offers a postcard-perfect view and a relaxing atmosphere. 

Elafonissi Beach: Greece

While cruising to Crete, you have to check out Elafonissi Beach. This is a favorite Greek beach spot for a reason. Right away, you’ll notice the white and pink sands that set this beach apart from others. The water is quite warm, and the lagoons form the perfect area for swimming. You’ll feel like you’re in paradise here. 

Matira Beach: Bora Bora

Another breathtaking beach to visit while on a cruise is Matira Beach. This oasis can be found in Bora Bora, and the color of the water makes it feel like you’re looking at a painting. This relaxing spot is not crowded, so it’s a perfect place to hang out without added noise or distraction. You’ll also find plenty of shops and eateries here. 

Brandon’s Beach: Barbados

Finally, Brandon’s Beach is another excellent choice. You can easily walk from the cruise ship port, so it’s an easy way to spend an afternoon. With long stretches of white sand, this is a great spot to sunbathe. Since the water is calm at this beach, it’s also an ideal place to go swimming. It also helps that this beach is incredibly beautiful. 

These are some of the best beaches to visit on a cruise. This favorite beach list can help you decide which cruise to book based on the areas that are visited. We have a feeling you’ll create many memories during your beach adventure.

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