Explore The Beauty of Antarctica

If you’re ready for an expedition to the Antarctic and want to enjoy a few days discovering the icebergs and wildlife of the remote lands, make sure to plan a few shore excursions during your cruise. Many nature lovers head to Antarctica to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including kayaking in the icy waters. Here are just a few of our favorite adventures in Antarctica.

Nighttime Kayaking

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You can spend some time discovering the waters on a kayak by day but things get even more exciting at night. Head off on an overnight kayaking expedition with a group to explore the icy waters and see the glaciers from a fresh perspective.

Standup Paddleboarding

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You don’t necessarily think of paddleboarding when the glaciers and snowy mountains of the Antarctic come to mind, but this is an option on some ships. You can head off on a guided paddle boarding adventure across calmer waters and watch penguins and other animals playing in their natural habitat.

Mountain Climbing

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Put your climbing skills to the test as you challenge yourself with an excursion to get to the top of Antarctic mountain peaks covered in snow. You can go on a guided climb and hold on to a rope as you head to the top and enjoy incredible views of the area as you get higher. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone hungry for a new challenge.

Helicopter Tour

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Some cruise ships have helicopter pads built on the ship for easy takeoffs and landings. You can head off on a scenic flight tour of the area to enjoy amazing views of the Antarctic and discover the snowy lands from a fresh perspective. Some of the tours land near areas with emperor penguin colonies, making it easier to plan a nature excursion along the way.

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