7 of the World’s Most Exotic Cruises

2015 luxury cruises to the world’s most extreme and wondrous destinations

See more out-of-this-world wonder on a Northern Lights cruise – Hurtigruten is a good choice.
Ever gotten lost in an ancient temple complex? Stood in the shadow of a towering iceberg? These seven luxury itineraries are some of the most exotic cruises the world has to offer. From animal-ruled islands untouched by humans to the ancient wonders of long-lost worlds – set sail on these unusual cruises to leave behind life as you’ve ever known it.

For Untouched Nature: Cruise to Antarctica
Zegrahm Expeditions, Sea Spirit
Sails: February 2015 

What You’ll See: Labyrinths of electric-blue icebergs, navigated by Zodiac explorer. Seas of Gentoo penguins, perched on glittering glaciers. Narrow channels surrounded by steep peaks, alive with crackling ice and breaching whales.
Why to Go: This is your chance to visit a place where few humans have ever set foot.
[–articleimage id=”2100″ –]For Remote Island Paradise: South Pacific Cruise
Paul Gauguin Cruises, Paul Gauguin
Sails: August 2015 

What You’ll See: Marquesas, Tuamotus, the Society Islands – lush jungle greenery, perfect beaches with sparkling waters, coral reefs teeming with Technicolor life.
Why to Go: Wiggle your toes in the soft pink sands of the region’s most remote beaches. Snorkel the clearest lagoons you’ve ever seen. Visit mysterious stone structures for a glimpse of the unknown past.

For Amazing Ancient Wonders: River Cruising Southeast Asia
AmaWaterways, AmaLotus
Sails: January 2015 

What You’ll See: Towering limestone islands rise out of aquamarine waters in Ha Long Bay. Massive stone temples carved in intricate detail appear out of the tangled jungle at Angkor Wat.
Why to Go: Find total serenity at a Cambodian monastery. Become totally immersed in the natural and cultural riches of the Mekong River.
[–articleimage id=”2101″ –]
For A World of Wildlife: Cruise to the Galapagos

Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Xpedition
Sails: August 2015 

What You’ll See: Iguanas that swim in the sea like ancient, aquatic dinosaurs. Penguins that live in a land free of snow. Prehistoric tortoises that grow to unreal proportions.
Why to Go: Travel to a world without humans, a planet ruled by creatures of the land, sea, and sky. Truly one of the world’s most exotic cruises, it’s a voyage into the unknown.

For a Glimpse of Exotic Cultures: Arabia Luxury Cruise
Windstar Cruises, Star Pride
Sails: April 2015 

What You’ll See: The striking ruins of the Parthenon – the endless sand dunes of the Egyptian desert – the whispers of legend in the home of Oman’s sultans.
Why to Go: Ancient worlds breathe new life on this immersive itinerary. Walk in the footsteps of Pharaohs in Luxor and race camels in the deserts of Dubai.
[–articleimage id=”2102″ –]For Exploration of the Undiscovered Jungle: Amazon River Cruise
Avalon Waterways, Aria
Sails: July 2015
What You’ll See: Wild jungle on the way to places of sacred legend. Glimpses of elusive wildlife through gaps between the trees as you float downriver.
Why to Go: Discover ancient myth, swim with pink dolphins, and venture deep into the untamed rainforest on this journey from Machu Picchu to the Amazon River.

For Extreme Adventure: Africa Cruise
Silversea Cruises, Silver Explorer
Sails: March 2015 

What You’ll See: Namibia, Angola, Cameroon, Ghana. Striking sand dunes, tranquil lagoons, lush desert oases, dazzling virgin rainforest. Charming chimpanzees, animated flamingos, graceful sea turtles, spirited springbok.
Why to Go: From Cape Town to Dakar, this one-of-a-kind voyage combines an African land adventure with the comforts of a luxury cruise.

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