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Best At-Sea Bars on the East Coast

A variety of cruise ships tour the Eastern coast of North America and several of the ships offer unique adult only clubs, lounges, and bars. These are five of the best onboard bars.

The Safari Club-Royal Caribbean

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The Safari Club has an old world library theme and features four bars in one, the Congo Bar, Serengeti Card Club, Game Reserves, and Zanzibar. The Serengeti Card Club offers a variety of card tables and games in a laid back atmosphere. At the Congo Bar, guests can enjoy floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean from one of the ninety-nine seats. The Zanzibar offers tables with built-in checkers, chess, and backgammon. In the Game Reserves, guests take part in Nintendo WII tournaments and enjoy playing pool on self-balancing gyroscopic pool tables which accommodate the movement of the ship. There is a centrally located dance floor between the clubs that features line dancing, karaoke, game shows, and champagne art auctions.

Spice H2O-Norwegian Cruise Lines

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Spice has a double personality depending on the time of day you visit. During daylight hours cruise-goers can lounge in the sun enjoying their favorite drinks or take a dip in one of the hot tubs. Spice offers a waterfall grotto to walk through letting the gentle cascades refresh your skin and cool you off. At night, the club transforms into a dance party, the giant video screen features images of destinations while the music plays and the stars shine. Spice also features an 80’s theme night for guests to “glam-up” and dance to their favorite hair bands and also hosts a “Glow Night” for everyone to sport neon and glow-stick jewelry.

Piano Bars-Carnival Cruises

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The Piano Bar is a unique place to spend an evening whether you sit up at the piano and participate or sit at a table and just observe. When at the bar, guests order their drink and request their favorite songs from the piano player. Once your song comes up everyone is asked to sing along, the musicians know an astounding number of songs and are rarely stumped. Participation is not required but it definitely adds to the excitement and moral.

Queens Room-Cunard Cruises

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The Queens Room is the largest ballroom at sea and the social hub of the ship. Daytime highlights include dance classes, fencing, music recitals, and afternoon tea. After sunset, the orchestra plays and the ballroom dancing begins. The Queens Room hosts a Gala night for guests to break out their formal attire and socialize.

The Martini Bar and Crush-Celebrity Cruises

martini bar
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Enjoy a talented staff of mixologists and a vast selection of martinis prepared with a high energy flare. The Martini Bar features a wide range of rare vodkas and a portfolio of fine caviar. The bar is topped with ice to keep your drinks at optimum sipping temperature and the music is always upbeat and fun.

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