5 Exotic Cruise Destinations

Cancun. St. Thomas. Maybe even Europe. If you’re getting blasé about your cruise circuit, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Here are a few exciting and unusual cruise destinations to spark your interest in sailing the High Seas again.

Muscat, Oman

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A waterside oasis nestled along the Hajar Mountains, Muscat’s tranquil serenity is a welcome contrast from its flashier counterpart Dubai. Beauty bestows the town from sunrise to sunset with dolphins dancing in the sea and sunset strolls along the Corniche. Nearby the widespread desert stretches across the Arabian Peninsula. And, some of the best seafood in the coastal town tells its own story for epicureans to uncover. 

Cruise Lines: Royal Caribbean, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas Cruises


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Who wouldn’t want to travel to the far end of the earth? Often referred to as the Southernmost City in the world, the region is home to an array of wildlife such as penguins, seals, and orcas. Located on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego Argentina, adventure seekers will find no shortage of thrills from hiking to off-roading. Travelers can explore the End of the World Museum and diverse gastronomy with favorite local seafood dishes.

Cruise Lines: Azamara, RSSC, Lindblad

Aswan, Egypt

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Find your adventure amid ancient tombs, exquisite temples, and the fertile land of the river that has been a source of life for the Egyptians through the years. Lindblad’s Private Yacht is not only one of the most elegant ships on the Nile, but its intimate accommodations of just 22 cabins create a cozy environment within stylish surroundings. To truly experience Egypt, book The Passage Through Egypt, where you’ll gain exclusive access to hard to see areas. Egyptologists share first-hand knowledge of the country’s history from the Pyramids and Sphinx to the Valley of the Kings. Viking River Cruises also offers the Pharaohs and Pyramid cruise where guests can explore the multifaceted world of 136 soaring pillars in Karnak Temple. 

Cruise Lines: Lindblad, Viking River Cruises

Marquesas Islands

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You’ve surely bucket listed Tahiti and Bali, but you want to add a lesser-known gem to the list: the Marquesas Islands. Spread across 12 islands, only six of which are inhabited, the “Land of Men,” may just be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Towering cliffs, lush rainforests, and miles of untouched beaches create a faraway paradise. Cultural and natural wonders beg you to dive deep into their offerings through the people of the island, the depths of the sea, and the history of the land.

Cruise Lines: Lindblad, Paul Gauguin Cruises, Aranui


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If you really want unique, and really, really long to step off the grid, cruise to Myanmar. The Southeast Asian country, also known as Burma, only recently opened up to tourism. Whether you’re basking in the 4000 sacred stupas or taking a balloon ride over Bagan, one thing is certain; time stands still. Perhaps the real beauty of the land lies in the people, diverse cultures and history woven in just a hint of the modern world.

Cruise Lines: Jacada, RSSC, Belmond

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