5 Easy Tips to Save on Your Next Cruise

Taking a cruise can be a lot of fun, but you likely want to pay less if possible. Luckily, there are ways that you can save on cruise fare costs. You’ll feel better booking an incredible vacation without the added stress of financial concerns. Check out these easy ways to save on your next cruise trip.

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Take Advantage of Promotions

Many cruise lines offer exclusive promotions throughout the year. These offers include discounts on cruise prices, 2-for-1 deals, free airfare, and other freebies like complimentary alcohol or free-wifi. Make sure that you keep up-to-date on your favorite cruise lines to see their latest promotions.

Book Extras in Advance

If you plan to pay for any extras, like a drinking package or on-ship entertainment, you’ll want to do so ahead of time. Waiting until you’re on your cruise to do so may mean you end up over-paying. You may also find that some experiences or extras are no longer available if you wait.

Book an Interior Cabin

You may be tempted to spend more on an upgraded cabin. This upgrade can quickly make your cruise costs a lot higher. You likely won’t be spending a ton of time in your room, so consider booking a basic interior cabin.

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Drink While at Port

If you don’t plan to purchase a drink package, drinks can add up when you buy them individually on the ship. An excellent way to save on overall costs is by having alcohol while at port. It’ll be more fun to sample local drinks, anyway!

When Traveling Solo, Choose the Right Cruise Line

Some cruise lines penalize solo travelers who book a cabin for only themselves because many advertise prices that are based on double occupancy. The good news is cruise lines are starting to cater to individual travelers by offering solo cruise cabins. If you want to avoid paying extra fees, look into booking with Holland America Line, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, AmaWaterways, Royal Caribbean. Just check to make sure the ship you’re sailing on has solo cabins available.

These are some easy ways to save money on your next cruise. All it takes is a little extra planning to make sure that you’re not wasting money on your upcoming vacation.

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