Tampa Tops Our List of Favorite Ports

If you’re looking to take a cruise, you’ll not only need to decide which cruise to take, but you’ll also need to determine your departure port. There are many ports to choose from, but we love how convenient Trampa is. This is a great option to consider for your next cruise because leaving from this port offers several benefits. Keep reading to learn more about why the Port of Tampa is a favorite among travelers.

Tampa International Airport is Nearby

For starters, Tampa International Airport is only a few minutes drive away from the port. That makes it so easy for out-of-towners to get to the port without added stress. You won’t have to worry about crazy traffic or complications when driving. Whether you rent a car or hire a driver, getting to the port is simple.

You’ll Have Everything You need Right By the Port

We recommend getting to port early no matter what cruise you’re taking to avoid any mishaps or traffic. Luckily, instead of sitting around the terminal waiting, The Port of Tampa is right by the Channelside complex which has entertainment, shopping, and a dining hub to keep you occupied before you set off on your adventure.

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Several Cruise Lines Use This Port

If Tampa is a convenient location for you to depart out of, you’ll be happy to know that several cruise lines use this port. That means you have more options as you begin to look at available cruises. Currently, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International, and Norwegian Cruise Line use this port.

It Makes for an Easy Pre-Vacation Spot

You can easily have fun and make a pre-vacation out of your cruise by exploring Tampa on your own. Why not extend your cruise vacation by adding another destination to your journey? Tampa promises plenty of adventure!

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Here are some cruises we recommend:

These are just some of the cruise you can choose from. Consider departing from Tampa so that you can experience the many benefits that this port has to offer.

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