10 Tips To Keep You Trim on Your Next Cruise

Can you go on a cruise and enjoy great food and drink without gaining the extra pounds? The answer is yes! Here are 10 tips to keep you trim on your next cruise, so the only thing you’ll be gaining is beautiful memories.

Order From The Spa Menu

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Cruise spa menu’s offer a variety of healthy and fresh options. Consider ordering breakfast or lunch off of these delicious menus. Celebrity Cruises Spa Cafe offers balanced dishes for breakfast and lunch like the Longevity Smoothie, an organic fresh fruit bar and entrees like poached salmon.

Make Smart Dinner Choices

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It’s easy to make healthy choices when someone presents you with a beautifully prepared entree. When a gorgeous piece of salmon comes accompanied by fresh vegetables, herb garnish, and a balsamic drizzle, it seems way more appealing than a basic burger. Cruise lines also offer lighter fare options at dinner. Make sure most of your meals consist of lean protein and fish along with a variety of vegetables. Oh, and skip the breadbasket.

Taste the Dessert

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You heard us correctly. Have a taste of the dessert. Depriving yourself leads to resentment and overeating. Have a bite or two of the bananas foster but don’t eat the entire dessert every evening.

Only Eat What You Love

Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you need to eat it. Choose your indulgences wisely. If a morning croissant and jam is your weakness, then by all means enjoy! But pass on the pastries or ice cream later in the day.

If You’re Not Hungry. Don’t Eat

Sounds simple, but surprisingly many people graze just because the food is available. This leads to overeating. Overeating leads to indigestion, upset stomach, and feeling sluggish and uncomfortable, which isn’t fun.

Be Active

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Incorporate movement into your cruise. Whatever it is you enjoy, find time for it. Morning walks around the decks, swimming with the kids, snorkeling, or weight lifting, cruises are a great way to take time for yourself.

Try Something New

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Have you been wanting to try a Hot Yoga Class or Rock Climbing? Now is the time! Cruises offer a variety of fitness classes and fun activities that you may not have otherwise had a chance to try.

Attend a Lecture

Cruise lines have taken wellness to the next level. Seabourn’s Spa and Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weill offers lectures and trained instructors educating guests on health, wellness, and fitness, bringing your awareness to the next level.

Opt for low sugar cocktails

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Trade in the tropical sugar-laden drink for drinks with spirits such as vodka, gin, or whiskey. And steer clear of high-calorie fruit juice and soda mixers. Opt for soda water, not tonic water, and citrus slices. Wine drinkers should choose low sugar wines such as cabaret or sauvignon blanc. And great news! Surprisingly, Champagne is extremely low carb coming in at 1.5 grams per 5 oz service. Be sure you are eating with your cocktails to avoid blood sugar spikes.


Drink plenty of water. Keep a refillable water bottle with you throughout the day to optimize your body’s performance.

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